Can Biotin Help With Men's Hair Loss?

Can Biotin Help With Men's Hair Loss?

 For any man, watching your hair fall out can be an exercise in utter frustration. According to Men’s Health Forum, though, around two thirds of men will at some stage suffer from male pattern baldness. So, you aren’t alone at least. However, that does not make the loss of your hair any easier to accept or appreciate. You will be happy to know, though, that there are many ways to help improve or downright stop hair loss in men. One of the most commonly suggested tools for combatting male hair loss, then, is Biotin.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is one of the most powerful tools that you have for combatting hair loss, without doubt. However, biotin is not going to help you with male pattern baldness: as a hormonal and genetic issue, there is no vitamin that can stop this problem unfortunately. 

However, biotin is one of the most powerful tools for helping you to grow thicker and longer hair. It’s one of the most powerfully proven hair loss treatments, purely because studies have shown it to be very useful for increasing hair growth outside of MPB. 

Biotin cannot cure MPB as that is a hormonal and genetic issue. However, if you are suffering from hair loss due to other reasons – including a vitamin/nutritional deficiency or especially a biotin deficiency – then you can easily take biotin supplements to help solve that problem. Do be aware that It Really Works Vitamins are packed with 800% of your recommended daily allowance of Biotin. Enough to make an impact on thinning hair but not enough to result in uncomfortable side effects including acne or stomach pains.

Why do I need biotin to combat hair loss?

While you will need to look to more extensive options, such as a hair transplant, if your hair loss is caused by MPB, biotin can help with hair growth when your loss is caused by other issues. Biotin helps to encourage hair growth and the also the rate of growth, meaning that you can outrun the level of hair thinning by growing more hair than your body can actually shed.

To get more biotin into your system, you either need to eat more foods with biotin in them or you need to take biotin supplements. Since biotin-rich foods are often an acquired taste, going for the easier option of a supplement makes sense. You can pick up many good biotin supplements online, including from It Really Works Vitamins.

One thing to note, though, is that biotin-rich shampoos are often not very powerful at all. Biotin has to be taken orally if you wish for the full effects, so don’t go spending big money on a biotin shampoo as it is very unlikely to produce the results that you would have wanted.

With that in mind, you should also look to use products such as minoxidil if you wish to truly slow down hair loss drastically. However, do be aware that Minoxidil is not without its side effects.

If you are serious about stopping hair loss, make sure to try out It Really Works VItamins  

We're so sure that you’ll have thicker, healthier hair within 90 days that we will refund you if you don’t! Just return the packaging even if it’s almost empty.

As ever, please seek out professional medical advice before using either minoxidil or biotin. With both solutions, though, you do have a greater chance of overcoming these issues overall. Hair loss is a tough thing to deal with – thanks to biotin, though, that can be dealt with without much hassle. 

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