Can Saw Palmetto and Biotin Block DHT?

Can Saw Palmetto and Biotin Block DHT?

Saw Palmetto is good for hair growth it is an extract from the deep purple berries of the saw palmetto plant and it's traditionally used by Native Americans for urinary infections or reproductive issues.

Can Saw Palmetto Block DHT?

So is this herbal remedy good for hair growth?

Well the jury is out on this one because the clinical evidence shows that the results can be quite limited and there isn't actually enough research out

there on the saw palmetto  herbal extract in terms of encouraging healthy or normal hair growth.

But because saw palmetto doesn't actually cause many side effects people feel that they can just take it anyway and it may not cause any issue.

Having said that, there have been some notable studies and I'm gonna put the link in the description that show that saw palmetto helps to reduce 5-alpha reductase.

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Now if you've seen some of our other previous videos you'll know that DHT is the male potent sex hormone that is responsible for male pattern baldness it attaches itself to receptors in hair follicles and eventually shrinks them which is causes which causes Androgenetic Alopecia.

So Saw Palmetto because it has no real side effects or have limited side effects people just feel that it may be worth a shot trying it out.

The next question is, is biotin a DHT blocker?

Now biotin doesn't actually block DHT it's a vitamin and it isn't known for stopping the conversion from Testosterone to DHT.

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So the next question was do you recommend Caffeine Shampoos?

Be careful not to leave the shampoo on your hair for too long because it can cause it to dry out. It can go really brittle and the ends can snap off.

Are Caffeine Shampoos any good?

I'm gonna put a link in to another study that has found that caffeine can be really effective in blocking DHT.

This study: Can Caffeine Regrow Hair? goes into a lot of detail: 

Caffeine keeps hair in the growth stage which is the anagen stage of the hair lifecycle and it helps to promote wider roots and a longer hair follicle shaft but it's really important to remember that in this kind of lab environments hair is being grown in a petri dish, so essentially the hair is going to be there dipped into a caffeine treatment and left there.

And that's not really necessarily how life works.


Can Caffeine shampoos regrow hair?

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