February 16, 2019

The best hair vitamins in Indonesia

Hair loss is happening right now to over 50% of guys worldwide. There are a huge number of hair loss solutions out there but navigating the minefield of hair loss treatments can be stressful, expensive and it's difficult to know which hair fall solutions could work.

That's where It Really Works Vitamins come in. We're an extra-strength hair vitamins brand manufactured in The UK in an FDA regulated facility. 


It Really Works Vitamins serve thousands of happy customers across Indonesia from Jakarta, Bali, Surubaya, Bandung and Semarang. 

It Really Works Vitamins have over 10,000 customers worldwide on their 90 Day Challenge.

So why are these hair vitamins so popular? 

The 90 Day Money Back Guarantee 

It Really Works Vitamins challenge you to take our hair supplements every day for 90 days. If within 90 days of purchase, you don't love your results, then we refund you, no questions asked. Less than 0.25 of  customers have requested a refund ♥️

100% Natural Ingredients 

It Really Works Vitamins are 100% natural and are very high in the micronutrients needed for a healthy scalp. A healthy, nourished, balanced scalp is the perfect environment for healthy hair growth. Moreover, a nourished scalp helps to ensure that DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) will not bind itself to hair follicles, causing miniaturisation and eventual pattern baldness. 

The ingredients in our hair supplements specifically target the health of the scalp, hair and circulation. This is because healthy circulation ensures a healthy scalp. 

So what are in these hair vitamins? 

Our hair supplements are packed with the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth. 

It Really Works Vitamins are packed with 200% of your RDA of copper, 250% of your recommended daily allowance of Manganese, and 800% of your recommended daily allowance of Biotin. 

Free Worldwide Shipping 

It Really Works Vitamins offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over £50 and orders are delivered by Royal Mail, a tracked International service. 

5 Star Customer Service 

We love our customers. Check out It Really Works Vitamins reviews page and see for yourself how we can help you along with your hair growth journey. 





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