January 20, 2019


When you want to improve the length of your hair, one of the most common issues that you might have is waiting for the process to start. Many of us put up with our hair not growing fast enough, and it can become hugely frustrating. If you want to help speed up the growth of your hair a little, though, one thing that you should do is change up your diet. Many foods exist which will naturally speed up hair growth.

For example, did you know that certain foods, alongside taking the best hair vitamins on the market from It Really Works Vitamins,can make a real difference? If you want to start speeding up hair growth now is the time to act.

What are the best foods for speeding up hair growth?

If you are serious about working on your hair and making it grow faster, then, here are some of the most commonly chosen food which will help to make your hair grow faster:

1. Eggs

Eggs are always a good source for the body, but they are loaded with two of your most important tools for hair growth in both biotin and protein. They will help to produce enhanced hair growth standards, often leaving you with hair follicles that are fuelled with the right kind of proteins to encourage growth. 

eggs for hair growth

2. Spinach

From a vegetable side of things, we recommend that you get more spinach into your diet. It’s good for making sure your body can get a nice helping hand of folate, Iron and your Vitamins A and C: both essential for making sure your body can recuperate and repair itself properly whilst aiding repair of your follicles to encourage hair growth.

spinach for hair growth

3. Sweet Potato

Another great tool for making sure you can see your hair growth improve is to start eating more sweet potato. They are great for making sure you can boost beta-carotene levels, and also ensure that you get enough Vitamin A to produce sebum, which is essential to creating lasting hair health.

Sweet potato for hair growth

4. Nuts

From a snacking side of things, we recommend that you start eating more nuts. Nuts are often loaded with healthy fats and nutrients which our hair craves, including Vitamin B, Vitamin E, zinc and also other essential fatty acids.

Nuts for hair growth

5. Peppers

If you are a fan of sweet peppers, you’ll be happy to know they can be very useful for this process. They are rich in Vitamin C, which is one of the most useful vitamins for improving hair growth thanks to increased collagen production and improvement of hair strands, protecting your hair from the damage caused by oxidative stress. 

sweet peppers for hair growth

6. Berries

On the fruit side of things, we recommend that you try to eat as many berries as you can. most berries are loaded with Vitamin C, which can help to encourage collagen production. The more collagen that your body produces, the more impressive your hair growth is likely to become. 

berries for hair growth

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