November 15, 2015

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This edition of It Really Works Tipsfor Life, bring you the best ways to style your burgeoning facial furniture with the perfect hairstyle. You can donate to Movemember here!

The Clark Gable

Clark Gable's Wisp Moustache
For a classic, sophisticated look, try the Clark Gable Wisp moustache by shaving a small gap in the middle. Once longer, use hair wax to tame and slightly twist the ends up turn it into the desirable 'Connoisseur'. Match with a classic short back and sides haircut, and style with a water-based pomade for that slick 1920s look.


The Ron-Swanson Toothbrush Moustache

Sturdy. Masculine. The no-nonesense moustache of real men. Welcome to the world or Ron Swanson. Rather than us describing Nick Offerman's infamous 'tasche, let's hear from the great man himself as he describes the delicate art of rearing your very own moustache, in his autobiography, Paddle Your Own Canooe.

I have about as much advice on growing a moustache as I do on growing fingernails or hemorrhoids. I’ll tell you this much: My life is always more delicious when I have whiskers on my face, but that might just be because those whiskers tend to accumulate bacon crumbs and scotch, rendering them literally delicious all day long. In response to the query, “How do you grow that robust moustache for Ron Swanson?” I can walk you through the steps:

1. I don’t shave my lip area.
2. After two weeks, I have a passable moustache, in the form of long, luxurious stubble.
3. I continue to eschew the razor.
4. After three to four weeks, my whiskers have developed to the point where I can play a sheriff who is so tough that he eats nails, but is still not Swanson.
5. I refuse to shave.
6. After five weeks, the whiskers growing from just beneath my nostrils have extended down, wirelike, to reach my top lip, a distance of one full imperial inch. Now, and only now, may I don the pleated Dockers and thick, long-sleeved knits of Pawnee’s director of Parks and Recreation with confidence and authority.

Freddie Mercury's Chevron Moustache

Recently polled as the UK's favourite celebrity moustache of all time, Freddy Mercury's Chevron, could compliment those with slimmer facial features.
This option takes around one month or longer to grow and provides a rugged yet charming appearance. This is also the best style for moustache novices if youre feeling overwhelmed by thought of maintaining a Clark Gable Style.

1. Shave the cheeks, neck and chin where the hair on the top lip should be kept no longer than half of an inch over the sides of the mouth. The top hairs of the style should be shaped into an inverted V-shape. Make use of moustache scissors to trim the hairs so that they hang just over the top lip.
And there you have it, three of the best styles to try this Movember! And hey, keep your moustache and barnet thicker and healthier looking with your daily dose of It Really Works Vitamins! 

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