August 26, 2019

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100 is officially the new 80. People all around the world are living longer than ever before. According to these findings from BBC Future, people born in the 1960s could expect to live until they were 52.5 years old, whilst now the average is 72. 

Life expectancy has evidently increased dramatically in just a few decades, with the wonders of medicine and better nutrition just two of the factors attributed to us outliving our ancestors.

The Independent recently reported that someone alive today could live until the ripe old age of 1,000 years old based on modern day researchers’ better understanding of the ageing process.

 Ageing is one certainty for us all, no matter how long we’re expected to live. In terms of appearance, it seems we’re looking younger for longer too. Many people - mainly celebrities with unlimited access to plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments - appear to slow, halt, or even reverse the clock completely with their looks. 

Luckily, you don’t have to have a big budget to age gracefully and look great as you get older, however. Here, we share our ultimate guide to ageing gracefully.

1. Protect yourself from the sun

Looking after your skin is a vital consideration if you’re looking to age as gracefully as you can. We all know the importance of a good skin care routine, but you don’t have to spend your money on the most expensive anti-wrinkle creams to ward off the tell-tale signs of ageing. 

A moisturiser that contains SPF 15 or higher is all you need to slow the development of wrinkles. Whatever the weather, your skin needs to be protected from the sun’s powerful rays. This applies to people living in the cloudy UK too.

The ultraviolet (UV) rays that the sun emits, even in winter and on cloudy days, can cause skin damage. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that up to 80% of solar UV radiation can penetrate light cloud cover and subsequently the skin’s surface.

This figure rises in the presence of sand, water, or snow as all reflect sunlight. Whilst some sunlight is necessary for the production of vitamin D, practising sun protection on a daily basis will safeguard you from the damage that too much exposure brings.

By protecting your skin from the sun, you can reduce the chance of developing many life-limiting conditions. UV radiation causes the skin to age in many ways. Skin thinning, wrinkles, and poor skin cell repair or replacement are all accelerated with exposure to UV rays. It’s estimated that protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun can slow ageing by up to 90%.

2. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Modern men have come a long way in terms of perfecting their skin care routines. Make sure exfoliation is a part of your regime to keep your skin in tip top condition. With regular exfoliation, you don’t have to look your age. 

Exfoliating with a good quality scrub will remove the dead skin cells that leave the skin looking lacklustre. Regular exfoliation also improves the texture of the skin, with a smooth and silky to the touch effect guaranteed over time. The removal of dead skin cells will reveal new cells, meaning your skin tone will be more radiant, even, and youthful.

Exfoliating twice a week is recommended. If you shave, make exfoliation a part of your pre-shaving care routine. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating is just as, if not more, important for men as they have more rugged and thicker skin than women. 

As well as being great for the skin, exfoliating before shaving will pave the way for a smoother and closer shave. Men with beards long and short should exfoliate too. Exfoliation will help remove the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells that limit hair growth.

3. Enjoy some well-timed siestas

Sleep is an integral part of development and preservation, whatever your age. Getting a good eight hours per night can have a significant impact on both your health and well-being. When we sleep our bodies are able to conserve vital energy as well as decrease blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate. 

Our minds, even though they’re still active when we sleep, also need this time to establish memories and restore brain function. Body weight is another factor influenced by the amount of sleep we get, with adults 89% more likely to be obese due to short sleep duration.

Napping has been proven to improve life expectancy too, with people who regularly enjoy a siesta 37% less likely to develop fatal conditions such as heart disease. You’ll look better for making sleep an important part of your day-to-day routine. 

There’s some truth to the term ‘beauty sleep’ with sufficient sleep dramatically enhancing the appearance by remedying poor skin and puffy eyes. During sleep your body will be busy generating growth hormones, which amongst other things work to repair collagen-producing cells. Collagen is integral to the plumping of skin and the prevention of wrinkles as we age.

4. Remember hair loss isn’t necessary

There are many steps you can take to prevent hair loss and enjoy healthier, fuller locks. Taking the right vitamins will ensure your follicles have all they need to combat hair loss and ultimately thrive. 

It Really Works Vitamins provide the exact combination to successfully boost hair growth and help you sport a more youthful look. Our vitamins have been featured in Men's Health and Esquire, and we were also named Best Nutrition Innovation 2019 by Forbes.

Noticeable results can be seen in just a few short months. In fact, we're so confident that you’ll love your thicker, fuller hair within 90 days, that we happily refund anyone who doesn't. 

Our extra strength formula of 22 vitamins and minerals has been used by thousands of men around the world, many of which aren’t shy about showing off the results. Hair loss can be prevented and a healthy scalp encouraged for the long term with our vitamins. Try our free 14-day trial today to realise healthy, strong hair that leaves you looking and feeling younger.

5. Increase the protein power of your diet

Your quest for thicker hair should start and end with your diet. Your hair follicles are made of a fibrous protein called keratin. Eating an adequate amount of protein is therefore vital for ensuring that your hair stays in tip top condition.

It’s easy to incorporate more protein into your diet. Eggs for instance are an excellent source of protein and biotin, the latter of which is integral to the production of keratin. Fatty fish and meat are other protein-rich foods that will give your hair a healthy boost. Plant-based foods such as beans are another great source of protein. They also contain additional hair health boosting nutrients like zinc, biotin, folate and iron.

6. Cut the sugar and eat less processed foods

Nourish your hair from the inside out by choosing to eat healthy foods. Processed foods are bad for your health and bad for your hair. Foods that are particularly high in sugar have been linked to accelerated hair loss, including hair loss caused by male pattern baldness and alopecia. 

The sweet stuff not only affects the health and strength of your hair but impacts the condition of your scalp. People with excess sugar in their diets tend to have malnourished and aged scalps that can result in thinning and subsequent baldness.

7. Embrace your inner silver fox

Ageing gracefully may require help from a few carefully selected, high-quality products - but hair dye isn’t one of them. In this day and age, it’s OK to go grey. Most men look more attractive if they embrace the look of a silver fox.

The texture of your hair is more important than its colour. Keep your locks hydrated and healthy by perfecting your diet, supplementing with hair growth vitamins, and treating yourself to the occasional deep condition. 

If you use heated devices (such as hair tongs, straighteners, or a hair dryer) to achieve the age-defying look you want, make sure you protect your hair before use with heat and UV protection sprays and creams.

Dry, coarse, and wiry hair is a prime indicator of any man or woman’s true age. Keep them guessing by prioritising hair care.

8. Age well through exercise

As you age, staying active is the key to maintaining a youthful appearance. Muscle mass loss is a part of the ageing process, with age-related loss (known scientifically as sarcopenia) resulting in a 30% muscle mass reduction for men aged 30 and over. The fragile, weak, and less mobile look that results is synonymous with looking older.

Staying in good physical shape has a number of positive outcomes, one of which is increasing muscle mass and strength even as you age. Resistance workouts that use your body weight, gravity, dumbbells, or weighted bars are particularly valuable if you’re looking to preserve or enhance muscle mass. 

In addition to this, resistance training has been proven to improve endurance and increase mobility. Cell ageing is also slowed by regular exercise as Health explains:

“Exercise doesn't just make you feel younger—it may actually turn off the aging process in your chromosomes. It has to do with telomeres, the caps at the end of chromosomes that control aging. Telomeres become shorter as you get older, and longer telomeres are associated with longevity. Recent studies have found a link between regular exercise and the lengthening of the telomeres, suggesting that exercise can slow the clock so you live longer.”

Start The 90 Day Challenge now and get stronger hair, or a full refund.

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