January 07, 2019

Let's face facts. Half of all men, across literally the entire world, will experience some degree of hair loss. Most guys though assume that they can do nothing to help their hair grow back. That's just not the case. Today's blog check's out how your hair can grow back, and what you can do to help the process along.

What can cause hair loss?

Our hair falls out in the first place because the follicles begin to shrivel up, making the opportunity for any kind of regrowth impossible in the first place. However, this is known as male pattern baldness, and often the only solutions to this would be surgically-based, like a hair transplant. However, if your hair was to fall out mainly due to stress, then this will be temporary and should grow back.

However, you will be happy to know that in some cases of male pattern baldness (a form of alopecia), some solutions do exist which could slow down or halt the process entirely. Visit your local GP to determine if your follicles have closed, scarred or no longer offer regeneration. If the follicle is still intact though, then hair growth is possible – you just need to make the right investment. 

What can I do?

First off, you should look to invest in some proper medical solutions. For those who suffer from male pattern baldness, a common product offered is known as finasteride. This is also known as Propecia, and could be find via most health professionals and dermatologists. This could help to vastly reduce or even, in some best case scenarios, assist in stopping hair loss at the same levels as before.

Another common choice is to use a topical medication treatment such as Rogaine – otherwise known as minoxidil, but be aware that such chemical treatments often have side effects and once you stop using them, hair fall will resume, often to a greater degree than before.

However, one of the biggest changes you should look to make to yourself is your lifestyle. Many of us struggle with lifestyle-based hair loss, and a change in nutrition  perspective, diet and vitamin intake can make a big difference moving forward. 

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