April 03, 2019

Noticing hair loss? Hair loss is a common issue, It may be caused by genetic factors, but lifestyle plays a big part. Poor diet and nutrition both encourage hair loss. Another reason for hair loss is often overlooked, however: dehydration.

The explanation for this is simple. Your hair needs moisture, otherwise growth will slow down or even stop. This leads to brittle hair and split ends, which further damages hair growth. If you are dehydrated, you aren’t transmitting enough energy to the scalp because your body will use what little hydration it has for other key parts of the body.

Water isn’t just vital  for hair growth, it is for hair health too. Your hair will become more resistant to problems like dandruff if you get a lot of water into your system. Did you know that around 25% of the weight of each hair strand comes from water alone? Without enough hydration, your hair will lose both strength and volume.

These are all problems that you would do well to avoid. Hydrating your body is incredibly important. If you can up your water intake, then your hair will grow faster, thicker and stronger.  

If you are doing everything right but not seeing any improvement to your hair, get some water in your system!

What does dehydration mean for my lifestyle and my hair loss?

Studies show that hair loss can be accelerated by dehydration. Upping your water intake and improving your diet and vitamin intake is essential to improving hair growth. If you see your hair beginning to thin or even fall out, then you should absolutely look to start drinking more water. Sugary drinks don’t improve your hydration levels, so try and avoid them.

As mentioned above, hair loss caused by dehydration is compounded by a lack of proper nutrition. There’s a simple solution: take more vitamins and minerals. Options from It Really Works Vitamins could provide a much-needed boost in this department.

With great deals to help improve vitamin intake alongside improving your hydration, you can see steady but lasting results. Do this long enough, and you’ll really be impressed with the end results. Considering It Really Works Vitamins are offering 10% off your first customer order using the code MENSHEALTH10, it’s worth a try.

Drink more water, eat better, and get more vitamins into your system. It’s the proven way to improve your quality of life moving forward – and significantly reduce hair loss.

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