October 11, 2020


Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to my channel!

I wanted to do a live stream but I thought the camera quality would be pretty bad, so I wanted to do a little more of an informal, but quite densely packed overview sharing everything on how to block DHT!

My name is Fortuna - I'm the founder of It Really Works Vitamins,

We’re a haircare supplement brand from The UK

We’ve been in  Shortlist Magazine lists as the Best Hair Regrowth Product For MenBUT WE’RE ALSO SUITABLE FOR WOMEN (as long as you’re not pregnant or breast-feeding)

We’ve also been featured in Forbes as The Best Nutrition Innovation 2018 And 2019!

We deliver worldwide! Only 20% of our customers are actually here in The UK,

And the best thing about my brand is that if you don’t love your results we refund you!

In today’s show, I want to show you how toHow to Block DHT!

This video is going to be a quick-fire compressed overview - 

So for a full length  - super in-depth video, please do check out my mega video all about blocking DHT!  The link is in the description!

And don't worry about writing this down - I’ve written everything up for you in our Ebook - Everything you need to know about blocking DHT - 

The link is in the description! It’s got everything from scrubs, the best nutrition,  the best drinks, everything! 

Okay so let’s start off with:

The best foods to block DHT

Just a reminder, this is a compressed, abbreviated list. I go into lots of detail in our DHT blocking playlist,

You’ll need a handful of each of these snacks everyday to block DHT. So these are:

Cashew nuts



Pumpkin Seeds

Flax Seeds


A great herbal supplement for blocking DHT is Saw Palmetto. 

It’s a herbal supplement traditionally used by native Americans for Prostate issues. 


Green Tea 

Black Tea

They’re full of antioxidants - especially Green Tea is full of EGCG - which some studies have found help block the enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase!

Tomatoes - A rich source of Lycopene - help to block DHT.

Processed tomatoes (pasta sauces are a better source of lycopene than salad tomatoes!

Other great sources of Lycopene are:




Pink Grapefruit

Mushrooms - contain Pantothenic acids which are useful for optimizing and encouraging hair growth.


Kale’s a great source of Zinc.

On top of that, there are also 45 different Flavinoids in Kale which help to fight inflammation which useful in reversing hair follicle minitiurzation.

Number 1: Avocodos

Avocados are an amazing natural DHT blocker.

They’re rich in proteins, amino acids, magnesium, folic acid, copper, iron, niacin, phytosterol, and numerous antioxidants.

Okay let’s talk about DHT blocking Scrubs!

In one of my previous videos I show you how to block DHT topically - I make my own DHT blocking scalp scrub using cucumber, powdered charcoal lemon - the recipe is in our Ebook!


In any DHT blocking Shampoo you go for - Look for the ingredients:

  1. saw palmetto, 
  2. biotin
  3. Beta-sitosterol,
  4.  ketoconazole, 
  5. pumpkin seed oil, 
  6. rosemary oil, iron, and
  7.  vitamins B12 & B6.

Natural Oil Massage

Peppermint Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Lavender Oil

Primrose Oil

Have all been found to help encourage normal healthy hair growth and in some cases to help block DHT.


Green Tea - when topically applied, has been helped to encourage healthy hair growth and in some studies help to inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase

Everything in today’s video is in our E-Book, everything you need to block DHT! 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s quick fire video!

Let me know if you’d like me to make more of these, and have a great day! Bye for now!

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