May 08, 2020

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We've just posted our latest in a new series of vlogs where we answer your hair-loss related questions!

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Let's go straight into our Q&A from our Instagram followers. I asked our Instagram followers what kind of hair loss related questions do you have and I'll make a video about it and answer

your questions? So these are the questions

that came in a few days ago.


Can blow drying your hair cause hair loss? 


So blow drying your hair can actually cause hair loss if the blow-dryer is right next to your scalp and it burns and irritates

the scalp this can cause all sorts of damage to the natural kind of environment of the scalp and can eventually cause hair loss but if you’re not putting the hair dryer directly near the scalp is unlikely to cause hair loss but what can happen is if you're

blow-drying your hair every day or a few times a week it's likely to make the texture of your hair really dry and brittle and when

your hair's dry and it's not really moisturized it's likely to break easily so that's something that you should be aware of it when you're blow-drying your hair. 


The main thing to do is to keep your blow dryer on a low or medium

setting I'm just checking that the microphone is on yes it's on 


And always remember to use a heat protective spray

or a gel or serum so you can get all of these in your local kind of pharmacies and they will protect your hair up to temperatures of like 150 degrees always make sure that before you blow-dry your

hair always have a heat protection spray on it.



So the next question is a great one, “hey guys I have a very interesting question for you does the use of shampoo cause

hair loss or the absence of use of shampoo I'm asking because I have a friend who has really great hair and he says he does not use shampoo and he never has so the no poo method is becoming increasingly more popular and it relies on using natural more gentle cleaning agents such as apple cider vinegar or just using water to help maintain your scalps healthy sebum and natural oils.


So there are lots of potential benefits of the no poo method.

initially people are likely to find that their scalp and hair goes through a period of adjustment so it becomes greasy but after the first six weeks or so the hair when it wants it adjusts to

the no poo method it's likely to feel healthier it breaks less and so it looks and feels a bit thicker and it's also

better textured and there's a less need for styling products 


quick cup of tea so


I actually think that shampooing can actually lead to hair loss if you’re shampooing too frequently and this is for a number of reasons primarily if you're shampooing your hair every day or every other day it's stripping your hair of all the natural oils which are called sebum which actually helps to moisturize

the hair and the scalp and it helps to maintain a healthy environment for hair



When you're stripping away sebum it's actually doing more harm than good your hair gets brittle and it's likely to get dry so that's the first reason secondly if you're shampooing every

every day or every other day you really need to be careful of what is it actually in the ingredients of the

shampoo so I've mentioned it in one of my other videos but check the ingredients make sure that they're it’s a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and it's free of sulfides


And also final, reason if you're shampooing really frequently which a lot of men do be really careful about how you dry your

hair we've got a video coming out with one of our really good friends Scott from home hair he's expert in her care

in the video he mentions that you've got to be really careful about how you towel will dry your hair because if you roughly towel dry your hair it’s actually breaking the hair

follicles allow your hair to dry naturally or just hide your hair gently with the towel so that is a top tip which I hope you find useful and I hope it answers the question.


So the next question is a really common one and we have a blog on this subject on our website

check us out and we get probably a hundred or so visits per day just to this blog post so I'm going to put it on

screen because I don't want the YouTube algorithm to kind of like put me down the like pecking order and our video

it's never get seen again so I'm gonna put it on screen and then answer it so…


There is a whole community out there that swear by it I'm gonna put in a website and some links to the reddit community all about this that there's a link in the description so check it out

but there is actually no scientific evidence to prove that it does cause hair loss so now time for a word from our sponsors for me so if you're dealing with unhealthy hair or thinning hair

then check out it really works vitamins calm so this is my own company I set it up five years ago and since then we have

thousands of customers worldwide who use our products every day to keep their hair thick and healthy and strong been

featured in Forbes as the Best Nutrition Innovation 2019 and 2018


And in Shortlist magazine we've been voted the best hair regrowth product for men just this year,

So it's pretty exciting check us out check out our reviews feel free to just one to have a browse Reap blog check out our vlogs it's just hair loss is like something that I'm just passionate about it. I want to stop everyone from losing their hair it's just my thing it I love it don't forget we offer free worldwide

shipping most of our customers actually in the US and Australia and Canada so thanks guys howdy and g’day.


So the next question is how can I reverse

losing okay, how can I reverse losing my hair? 


So I guess how can I reverse hair loss so there are a number of different options out there for you two of the main ways which are approved by the FDA are minoxidil and finasteride so

minoxidil is a topical foam which you apply to your scalp and over time it helps to regrow your hair but there are


A couple of things to bear in mind the first thing is

this is really effective for people who have already noticed a receding hairline or thinning her if for example you're

almost entirely bald or you've lost almost all your hair this isn't going to be the right treatment for you.


Secondly you're going to have to commit to doing this treatment so really commit over months and months and months when you

stop using minoxidil your hair will start to fall out again and it could fall out at a faster rate than previously so that's just something that you can weigh up the pros and cons and see if you would like to use it for the rest of your life.


Secondly there is finasteride on the market and that's also approved by the FDA so this is a tablet that you take regularly to help reverse hair loss and your hair will regrow in our question and answer session on Monday.

Someone asked about the side-effects of finasteride so there are lots of common side effects which include erectile dysfunction and difficulties like maintaining an erection and all those kind of things and they’re actually very common they also could be permanent once you've stopped taking Finasteride so that's something that you need to be aware of.

Finasteride and side effects

The permanent side effects are quite rare about 5% of people will experience permanent side effects there are also lots of other

issues that finasteride can cause I’m gonna put a link in the description because in lots of people it's caused depression and especially in people that weren't previously experiencing feelings of depression so it's something to be aware of and it's important to speak to a doctor before trying out either of these treatments as well as finasteride and minoxidil there's also lots of other natural treatments out there that you can try to help reverse hair loss 

oil for hair growth

Something that I really like is Rosemary Oil and I'm gonna put a link in the description and to show the I don't want to it's just the description a study that shows that hair regrow and this was a study on animals, but there are lots of anecdotal evidence out there. 

For people that have been massaging the scalp regularly with essential oils you know scalp massage helps to encourage healthy circulation at the scalp and all the vital nutrients are getting towards your scalp and hair is in the best possible position to regrow I really believe in the best nutrition to help hair regrow.

So It Really Works Vitamins are here for you guys we've got free worldwide shipping and a coupon which I'm putting in check us out it's free worldwide shipping and we dispatch all orders within 48 to 24 to 48 hours and see what we can do for you also don't forget to pick up your free Ebook everything you need to know about blocking DHT from the book includes a recipe for a homemade scalp exfoliant and the best foods and drinks that help to block DHT and regrow your hair the link is in the description below so guys I really hope you've enjoyed this video.

If you want to take part in our Q & A then DM us on Instagram we also regularly put stories so you can just respond to the story and ask your hair loss related question if you would like to subscribe us and get me towards my thousand subscriber goal then please do subscribe every time I get a new subscriber okay and yeah my husband my husband hears me but he he's not really that bothered but, yeah I'm really happy thank you out our other videos as well I've recently done one on how to remove DHT from the scalp through eating the right foods and drinks and snacks.

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying doing this YouTube channel I feel as if this is my calling to do my own YouTube channel about hair growth and hair loss I can't wait to see you guys soon there's another video coming out on Sunday it's gonna be a good one get your tea and biscuits ready and tune in at 5 p.m. for when it goes live I can't wait to see you next time take care and bye for now!

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