May 14, 2021

Hello everyone, In today’s blog, we’re looking at Exosomes!

What are they?

How can they help hair growth?

It’s all coming up!

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So let’s get into it -

What are Exosomes Exactly?

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles.

Extracellular means that they are situated or taking place outside a cell or cells.

“Vesicles” are molecules in the shape of tiny balloons 

Exosomes  are produced by stem cells which are involved in cell communication. 

In simple terms these Extracelluar balloon cells send information to each other containing important instructions for example - they tell other cells to  like “grow”  “Repair” or “divide” etc.Other cells then follow the instructions they receive from Exosomes and  change their behaviour.

They  also produce an anti-inflammatory response

These tiny particles also contain various growth factors. Other proteins will then recruit stem cells to the area that will help these cells to multiply and divide and send healing to where it’s required.

Scientists have been able to isolate and deliver the Exosomes into other parts of the body  including the scalp in order to encourage hair regrowth.

Historically, exosomes were believed to be a waste by-product of cells but when researched further and it was discovered that, in fact, these are the mediating mechanism involved in direct cell-to-cell communication.

It’s also good to remember that Exosomes are separate to stem cells themselves.Compared to adult stem cells, exosomes contain three hundred percent more growth factors.

Because of the special nature of Exosomes  - they’re small and nimble, they can remain hidden in the bloodstream, and carry lots of doses of proteins across barriers that cells are not able to cross.

Then once the task is complete, there are additional proteins that tell the cells when the healing has been completed. These exosomes, with the presence of over a 1000+ growth factors, are being regarded as one of the purest forms of stem cell therapy.

There are different types of Exosome therapy.

Some treatment providers use exosomes which are procured and processed from donors.

Othersurgeons can harvest a small amount of fat; usually from your abdomen.  He or she will then purify some of this fat whilst the remainder is put into a machine extracts the stem cells that will be used to enrich the purified fat.  This enriched fat is then injected into your scalp to begin the process of reinvigorating your ailing hair follicles and reawakening your dormant follicles.

Cost of Exosome Therapy 

The cost of treatment will be discussed at your consultation and depends on the amount of exosomes you will need (2ml, 5 ml, 7 ml).

 For a single area treatment (crown, mid-scalp, or frontal), you may need a  2 ml vial 

The 5 ml vial is recommended for up to 3 areas. 

The whole head will require 7 ml.

Is  Exosome Therapy permanent?

It depends! Many of the service providers do say that Exosome therapy is a one-off treatment.

Others say that you may need to return within 6 to 8 months.

What’s the difference between PRP treatment and Exosomes?

PRP or platelet rich plasma begins with centrifuging the patient’s blood in order to concentrate the growth factors and platelets naturally present in the body.


 The disadvantage of using PRP is it does not provide any stem cells or exosomes because as we age our bodies contain less and less stem cells in our blood. In addition to age being a factor, the patient’s health is also very critical to the quality of PRP harvested.

Before PRP was developed, stem cells would come from fat collected during liposuction.  

However, that process was painful and more expensive with the patient having to undergo two procedures. 

The patient’s age and overall health came into play with the quantity and quality of the stem cells available.


So there you have it. That was the low down on Exosome Therapy.

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