August 22, 2020

Thanks for joining us, in today's vlog we discuss depression and suicidal thoughts as a side effects of Finasteride.

Check out out video above or the transcript below.

There are more than 1,100 lawsuits filed across the United States accusing Merck of not adequately warning patients of the drug’s possible side effects and their duration.

In this investigation by Reuters ,Because of filing errors in a federal court case, a Reuters reporter was able to view material that lawyers for Merck, the manufacturers of Propecia had intended to keep confidential. 

Finasteride Mental Health Depression Side Effects

However, confidential documents reviewed by Reuters accuse Merck of exaggerating the drug’s safety record.

Citing internal company communications, these legal briefs filed by plaintiffs’ lawyers allege that in revisions to the drug’s original 1997 label, Merck understated the number of men who experienced sexual symptoms in clinical trials, and how long those symptoms lasted. Other documents show that Merck knew roughly 20 years ago that sales of the drug would suffer if the public became aware of Propecia’s possible long- term effects on men’s sexual health.

A redacted section of one plaintiffs’ motion, reviewed by Reuters, cites correspondence from a Merck executive in which he objected to what he described as “misleading” information about the incidence of sexual dysfunction in men taking Propecia. That information was placed on the drug’s label despite his comments, the court document says, and it remains there today.

I’ve put the link up to the full story in the description

It’s a very distressing story.

I’ve listed some support websites  If you or someone you know are experiencing Post-Finasteride Syndrome.


PFS patients and family members who wish to share their experiences about the impact the condition has had on their lives are welcome to do so via #MeTooPropecia, a Twitter page edited by PFS patient Michael Adams of Connecticut. You can contact Michael at#MeTooPropecia

Other PFS-Related Websites


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