March 18, 2017

Best Hair Vitamins For Hair Fall


Panax ginseng is a plant that grows in Korea, Northeastern China, and far eastern Siberia. In recent times Panax Ginseng has becomea popular weight loss aid as it contains an appetite suppressant that can suppresses the hunger hormone Ghrelin. 

Evidence also shows that Panax Ginseng is a powerful energy booster and powers up the immune system, helping you to keep colds and flu at bay!

Let’s explore a few other benefits derived from Ginseng:

Increases Energy 

Ginseng contains a substance that has an adaptogenic property which adapts depending on the needs of our individual body, increasing our energy levels, reducing fatigue allowing us to push harder through our everyday workout routine. Panax Ginseng also has the ability to optimize your endurance, reflexes and control your muscular fatigue and pain.  All of these contribute to accelerated weight loss. 

Improves Circulation

Panax Ginseng is considered a cardiac stimulant and so balances your blood and cardiac function and decreases sugar levels of in the blood and cholesterol, which is particularly important for  those suffering from, or in danger of developing Type 2 Diabetes.  It also has the ability to reduce cholesterol which allows us to have a stronger heart. 

Optimizes the Digestive System

Panax Ginseng alsoenhances our digestive system, meaning that nutrients are properly absorbed.  With the help of ginseng, the amount of alcohol in our body can be eliminated at a faster rate.  It also intensifies the functionality of our liver and help in detoxification! Powerful stuff!

Cancer-Fighting Ingredients

The American and Asian variety of Ginseng both contain properties that can potentially help people who are suffering from cancer.According to a study review published in the Chinese Medicine Journal, ginseng’s secret weapon for fighting cancer is revealed through its compound called “ginsenosides.”

Numerous studies demonstrate the beneficial effect of ginsenosides against deviant molecular processes that are responsible for cancer.  A study by The Mayo Clinicrevealed that Panax Ginseng can also lessen CRF or Cancer-related fatigue and can improve the patient’s quality of sleep and their lifestyle.  Asian ginseng also shows potential in helping to treat different types of cancer such as Pulmonary, Prostate, Ovarian, Kidney, Hepatic, Gastric, Colon, Melanoma and leukaemia.

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