December 09, 2018

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For any man, one of the worst things that can happen to your aesthetic is going bald. Balding hair is pretty damn hard to pull off and look good. Well, so you thought. With a bit of work and effort, you can quite easily start to pull off a more stylish look simply by adjusting how your hair sits. After all, it’s not so much the amount of hair you have, but what you do with that hair!

So, how can you begin to make a change to the way that you look in a natural and genuine way whilst you find ways to reduce your baldness? Here are some good ideas to try out.

Army Style

The simplest way to change your hair up is to go for the simple buzz cut style. It might work for a lot of men, but some guys find it a bit too visceral. It’s a simple kind of haircut that is relatively easy to pull off, and can look pretty good for most men who are worried about having a distinct lack of hair ruining their good looks. 

Short and Slick

The classic ‘Ivy League’ style will work for all but the baldest of men. You will find that having it all swept back helps to minimize any signs of recession, while it all going in the one parting and shape ensures that any gaps are covered up quite well. It’s also a good look for both everyday hair styling and more formal events, meaning that you can pull it off with a modicum of ease.

The Quiff

While not every guy will suit a quiff, many balding men can pull it off quite well. So long as you get that tapered fade to make sure it all blend together a little better, you should be able to make a big difference to the way that your hair sits. It’s also quite a good look for those who might look a touch older than their actual age: quiff hairstyles often work purely for the fact they make you look a touch more youthful.

The Faux Hawk

This one might take a bit of gumption to try, but it works for those who want to avoid anything too formal or business inspired. Short at the top naturally and elevated with the spiky nature that the hair product you use will allow, you can easily hide signs of balding by keeping the sides a fair bit shorter. It can work for certain looks, but probably not the best look for a banker who’s gone a little thin on top, or someone in an equally formal pursuit. 

Want something different altogether?

Then we recommend that you take some action and start changing your lifestyle as much as your hairstyle. With the right vitamins from It Really Works Vitamins, for example, you could make a pretty considerable difference to the amount of hair that you have!

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