December 10, 2018

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Like all men, you most likely desire to look good without having to put in a great deal of effort. However, that easy-going approach to how you dress and look can be hard to pull off continuously. Why? Your hair might start to go a touch thin on top. When that happens, we recommend that you do one of two things:

  1. You start living healthier and taking hair loss defying vitamins.
  2. You try out some of the hairstyle suggestions below in the meantime.

So, what hairstyles will complement a man who is missing a bit more hair than they would have intended? 

Thin Comb-over

This will worker well for just any guy who likes to go for a more vintage style. It’s quite a classic look that fans of Scandinavian rock music will instantly recognise and find appealing. A high skin fade with a short comb-over on top, though, works very well indeed for the man who wants to still look stylish despite not having a great deal to play with.

Shaved Sides Comb-over

Get a comb-over and instead of having the fade, have it entirely shaven in on the sides. Maybe a bit over-the-top for some, but definitely going to be a good look for those looking for a wholesale change in their hair style. Looks really good with a full beard, creating that nice contrast that so many people seem eager to pull off.

Messy Undercut

This works well as you might still have enough on top to get quite artistic, but not a lot on the bottom to make this work. A nice messy hairstyle can cover a lot of hair area, and if you work with a long beard then it can combine a nice style that hides the baldness on top by mixing it all in with the beard on below.

Low Fade Faux Hawk

A good style to go for if you want something a bit more rebellious is to go for the faux hawk style, keeping the low tapered fade for as much as your hair allows. Often works better if you managed to blend this in with the rest of your hair, ensuring that you can get a more kind and considerate look. Works well when you don’t want to go a little too shaven! 

Make the right change

Aside from moving your hair around to conceal any signs of baldness, you can also do a lot to change your quality of life and benefit your hair all at once. How can you do so? You simply need to start taking the right vitamins. To help with your hair thinning, check out It Really Works Vitamins. 

With a slew of quality vitamin capsules that you can take to improve your life in several ways, you can soon put an end to the needless thinning of your hair with one simple lifestyle change. Also, we're suitable for Vegans, and we also come with a cast-iron 90 day money back guarantee. No matter where you are, you can start with It Really Works as we offer free worldwide shipping.What would you rather? To keep playing around with make-do hairstyles? Or have total control over the length and style of your hair? 

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