March 18, 2017

Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Men

Do you ever find yourself peering down at your gut and just feeling upset or frustrated? How we look naturally plays a major role in how we think and feel about ourselves. 

Burning excess weight off means arming your body with all the nutrients and solutions that it needs to make this possible.

Let’s take a look at the herbs and products that help the body to accelerate the weight loss process!

Cayenne Pepper

A powerful source of antioxidants, Cayenne Pepper reduces caloric intake and lowers appetite Clegg et al., 2013). This spice causes an increase in gut-derived hormones, which decreases appetite (Smeets & Westerterp- Plantenga, 2009) whilst reducing the number and size of fat cells (Whiting et al., 2012)


In 2016 Janssens et al. found that Green tea catechins, when combined with caffeine consumption, helps to decrease body weight. Coffee consumers are likely to have a lower body mass index (BMI) than individuals who do not consume coffee. (Icken et al., 2015)

Green Tea

This herbal extract shows high potential in treating and preventing obesity (Torres-Fuentes et al., 2014)by causing weight loss (Chen et al., 2015).

This thermogenic or fat burner blocks the secretion of the hunger hormone Ghrelin, One cup of Green Tea can burn up to 80 calories per day by itself! Green Tea also protects organs from oxidative stress and is high in antioxidants (Bahmani et al., 2015).This herbal extract shows high potential in treating and preventing obesity (Torres-Fuentes et al., 2014)by causing weight loss (Chen et al., 2015).

Panax Ginseng

 The ginseng berry extract has been found to reduce food intake, decrease body weight, and enhance energy expenditure as indicated by an increase in body temperature. In addition to glucose metabolism, ginseng is also shown to regulate lipid metabolism. (Yin et al., 2008). Another bodily function stimulated by ginseng is pancreatic lipase. Pancreatic lipase is an enzyme that is secreted from the pancreatic exocrine cells to break apart fat molecules through hydrolysis. The effect of ginseng on lipid metabolism can consist of any of the following: reduced food intake, decreased lipid absorption , and enhanced insulin sensitivity (Yin et al., 2008)

White Kidney Beans

 In 2013 Preuss et al found that White Kidney Beans block starch/carbohydrates and interfere with and slow down the breakdown of complex carbohydrates. The randomized, placebo controlled trial performed by Celleno et al in 2007 found that after 30 days of administration of a white kidney bean extract a sample of people significantly reduced their body weight and the percentage of body fat in comparison of the people taking placebo! 

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