November 17, 2020

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In today's video I'm going to exploreThe Best Shampoo Ingredients for Hair Growth and Thickness
This video is useful for both male and female hair loss.
I’m going to be discussing some of the causes of hair loss - including
  • Dandruff and inflammation
  • Male Pattern Baldness

And the ingredients that fight Scalp Inflammation and the ingredients that help to block DHT.
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So without further ado, let’s get straight into The Best Shampoo Ingredients for Hair Growth and Thickness
Hair loss Dermatologist Dr Jerry Shapiro points out that hair loss shampoo is most effective “if you have a scalp condition,” such as seborrheic dermatitis (more commonly known asdandruff) orpsoriasis, that could be causing hair loss. 
With those two conditions, Shapiro says, “you might be losing hair due to inflammation, and the shampoo will help reduce that.”
To fight inflammation-related hair loss, the shampoo needs to have specific ingredients to fight the causes of inflammation.
These ingredients are:

Selenium sulfide

This ingredient:
  • Reduces an itchy scalp
  • targets the yeast which causes seborreic dermatitis or dandruff:Pityrosporum ovale
  • reduces the number of dandruff cells on the scalp
Shampoos that contain this ingredient include 
Selsun Blue and Head & Shoulders Clinical.
Other ingredients that help to fight inflammation include:
pyrithione zinc
salicylic acid
Shampoos that contain these ingredients include:
Head & Shoulders Extra Strength
Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic

So let’s talk about Ingredients in shampoos that can help to reduce hair loss from male pattern baldness:


Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication which is primarily used to treat fungal infections. 
This very small pilot study made up of fifteen people with alopecia, for example, found that Ketoconazole may be able to improve hair regrowth.
Hair loss expertDr. AntonellaTosti highlights that Ketoconozole “ contains an anti-fungal agent that can help fight the inflammation that is associated with androgenic alopecia.”
several clinical studies have found that ketoconazole boosts the size of individual hair follicles
Do be aware that in some cases Ketoconazole can have uncomfortable side effects. One of the most common side effects is skin irritations, in particular pimple-like bumps where the skin has come into contact with Ketoconazole. In some individuals, it may also cause either oiliness or dryness of the hair or scalp, abnormal hair texture, or discoloration. Also, do be aware that if you’ve had your hair permed, Ketoconazole can take away the curls.
The shampoo acts as a scalp treatment—it kills the yeast, inflammation decreases, and hair loss ceases. In fact,several clinical studies have found that ketoconazole boosts the size of individual hair follicles.
As well as Ketoconozole which ingredients should we be look for in a DHT Blocking Shampoo 
So we’re looking at Shampoo ingredients that help to:
  • Block DHT
  • Inhibit the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase
  • Help to remove DHT from the scalp

  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Flax
  • Sesame
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Nettle extract
  • Biotin
  • Salycilic Acid
  • Azelic Acid
  • Aloe Vera

  • shampoo is not a miracle remedy for male pattern baldness. However, it can complement the hair loss treatment plan you’re on.
    A good quality DHT-blocking shampoo will help to gently lift DHT from your scalp. Check the ingredients label and look out for key natural DHT-blocking nutrients including zinc which helps to stop the build up of DHT and Saw Palmetto, which can also assists in slowing down DHT production. Other helpful ingredients are Flax, Sesame, Pumpkin seeds, Nettle extract, Biotin, Salycilic Acid, Azelic Acid and Aloe Vera and vitamin B12 to promote healthy hair growth.
    A particular chemical ingredient that is proven to work well is ketoconazole.
    A few of my top tips for keeping your hair healthy!
    1. Reduce Stress - the stress hormone cortisol, shifts hair from the growing or resting phase into the shedding phase.
    2. Give hair a break from heat styling: Hairdryers, curling tongs, straighteners - heat will take a toll on your strands, creating a dry, brittle texture that will break easily
    3. If your hair is thinning -  I wouldn't advise hair extensions - the glue, micro-bonds and tightly-woven plaits that allow extensions to be attached can cause traction alopecia - a type of hair loss in which hair is pulled out at the root.
    4. Avoid constrained hairstyles tight pony tails, buns, when you are plaiting or putting your hair in a bun - this stress will cause hair to break near the root or even a receding hairline
    5. Don't over brush it! Simply comb through your strands before you have a shower and then once again in the morning before beginning work or school
    6. When washing your hair, stick to lukewarm water.
    7. Don’t overwash your hair - once or twice per week is enough.
    8. And when you dry your hair, don’t roughly towel dry, try patting it dry.
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