December 15, 2018

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For any man, the concept of having short hair might grow tiresome. Just as some women love to cut off all of their hair and go again from scratch, some guys find liberation in just having some long, flowing locks to enjoy. If you find it hard to get your hair to grow, though, you might want to give up on the concept of having long hair long before it even gets started.

What, then, will help to make sure that your hair grows to the length that you wish?

Accepting Natural Limits

Of course, there is no real, legitimate or proven way to help make your hair grow faster than, on average, 0.5” in a single month. However, people who are blessed with rich genetics could see their hair growing by as much as one inch in a single week. You can, though, take natural supplements and solutions to help try and improve hair growth – though don’t expect that you can go from buzz-cut to afro in a month!

Eat and Live Right For Best Results

The first thing you need to do is change up the quality of your lifestyle. For example, do you get much biotin in your system? If not, that has to change. Improve your nut intake (if you can) or start eating more salmon and avocado. Hipster meals, yes, but they are excellent for giving our hair the impetus needed to grow, grow and grow.

Also, start taking in a lot more protein as it’s essential for making sure you can begin to build up more hair in a natural way. If you want to help encourage growth quicker, too, be sure to start drinking more water – 1.5-2l of water per day will help to keep the scalp hydrated, allowing for more fertile growth of your hair.

Less Is More

If you think that using a shampoo and conditioner set every day is doing your hair wonders, think again. Daily washing is essential, but not with shampoo or conditioner as it can make your hair become dry, brittle ad weak. They also strip our hair of natural oils and sebum, so make sure you avoid using shampoos with detergent or sulfates in excess.

Start using a good conditioner on a regular basis, as this helps to maintain our hair ends and this can also make sure that we are more likely to see our hair stay in shape and thus fall out at a far less pronounced rate, aiding hair growth. 

Taking Better Care Of Your Hair 

Of course, if you want to make sure you can care for your hair then you should look to check out It Really Works Vitamins. As mentioned before, the correct vitamin and mineral make-up will always play a key part in making sure you can build up your hair naturally.

Having been mentioned in popular magazines and publications such as Forbes and Men’s Health, you can trust that It Really Works Vitamins do really work. For a range of vitamin solutions that could really make a big difference, then, be sure to check out It Really Works Vitamins for hair growth solutions that work. 

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