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Is There a Link Between a lack of Vitamins and Grey Hair?

Stressful, busy lives as well as going through a traumatic experience can have a profound effect on the body. An area that’s often overlooked are the effects of stress and malnutritinon on the hair.  Stressful situations mean that tend to take ourselves away from the very thing that can help our hair: eating nutritious food. Let’s take a look at how stress can be counteracted if you turn to the right range of hair vitamins when needed. Typically, we should start to see some minimal hair greying taking place when we turn to the age of 30. By the time you hit the age of 50, though, it’s likely to be about half-grey, half-whatever-color-you-were. However, you can slow down the...

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The Best Hair Vitamins for Thinning Hair

 It’s normal to lose around 100 hairs per day, but if you’re experiencing thinning and unhealthy hair, then you could be experience nutrient deficiency based hair loss. In today’s blog we explore the ways to get thicker hair naturally and the foods that are rich in the best hair vitamins for faster regrowth.  Vitamin A. Otherwise known as Retinol, Vitamin A is one the best vitamins for hair loss.  Vitamin A helps to protect against free radicals being produced in the body, resulting in  nourished hair. Vitamin A also assists in the production of sebum, giving your scalp a helping hand in preventing scalp dryness. Overall, Vitamin A is a perfect tool for hair thinning prevention. Why not grow your...

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Five of The best foods for Hair Growth

When trying to get your hair to grow faster and more effectively, you have to know where to start and what to look for. Many people find it hard to get a good hair diet which can have a direct effect on your hair growth cycle. If you are absolutely sick of your hair looking weak, feeling brittle or damaged, it’s important to remember that fast hair growth is made easier by eating a healthy diet for hair. Food is VITAL for ensuring faster, natural hair growth. Look to eat as much of the following: Salmon. Absolutely loaded with Vitamin D, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and various proteins, this fish is naturally enriched with hair growth vitamins.  But hey, if you’re...

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