Why Men's Hair Stops Growing?

Why Does Men's Hair Stop Growing?

When you want to grow your hair out as a guy, you will be aware that there is a significant challenge involved in doing so. Growing your hair takes a long amount of time, and making the time investment needed is a huge commitment. However, you can invest as much time as you like: sometimes your hair will simply not grow any longer. Why, though? And what can you do to stop it?

Snapped hairs

One of the most common reasons is that your hair is broken on the ends – hair breakage will mean your hair breaks once it reaches a certain length. This usually happens due to having dry and brittle hair, often caused by excessive shampooing, bleaching, brushing or generally rough handling. This will cause your hair to minimize growth, so try handling your hair a little better before you do anything else!

Poor living standards

Eating poor quality foods will normally produce poor quality hair: you are what you eat, after all. A vitamin deficiency will bring on such problems, so make sure that you start to eat better and that you start to take vitamins from proven sources if you are unable to make a meaningful dietary change.

Improving your Zinc and Vitamin B12 intake will often play a role in trying to resume the healthy growth of your hair in safe circumstances.

Excess stress

Living a stressful life is sure to bring on many problems for you, not least a reduction in hair growth. You should look to try and avoid stressing too much, as it will have a meaningful impact on the quality of your hair. 

When we allow ourselves to get stressed out, we often move into what is known as telogen effluvium, which is a phase where our hair moves into the telogen phase. When this happens, around one third of our hair will stop growing and can last for as long as six months!

The hands of time

Sadly, you can never out-run the hands of time. As we age, our hair will naturally stop growing as much as it once did – however, with the right lifestyle changes and vitamin intake, we can help to counteract the signs of ageing on the length of our hair. 

Stop the lack of growth today

The easiest way to end the problem is to improve the kind of nutrition and vitamins your body runs on. Fuel your body with solutions made for natural regrowth, and you should have next to no problems to worry about! 

So, if you are someone who is suffering from a drop-off in hair growth, you should look to increase your vitamin intake. Starting with the holistic solutions from It Really Works Vitamins, you can make a big difference. The solutions provided by It Really Works have been shown in publications such as Men’s Health and Forbes, and has provide many men with the solution they need to faster, natural hair growth.

Don’t let a single hair die off without replacing it: with lifestyle adjustments and the provided solutions from It Really Works, that becomes a lot simpler. 

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