July 27, 2020

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In today's blog I look at The Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth! To watch the video please hit play below 👇🏽


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In today's video let's talk about the best natural essential oils for encouraging healthy normal hair growth!

Lavender Essential Oil, 

Lavender has lots of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help to keep your scalp really healthy because when you've got a healthy scalp this is like the soil for your flower bed everything that comes out of the flower bed is gonna be healthy and beautiful.

Lavender Oil vs Minoxidil

This study found that Lavender Oil is able to generate faster hair growth in mice.

Lavender Oil has also done really well in comparison to minoxidil how minoxidil

is a chemical product -  it's a vasodilator, so it helps to enlarge your veins that

are heading up towards your scalp making sure that there's lots of nutrients that

get there so that your scalp is nourished and your hair is healthy.


Before and after It Really Works Vitamins

Compared to this chemical product, lavender oil it does just as well and in

some cases even better than minoxidil so it's worth checking out so I mix several

drops of lavender oil into 3 tablespoons of a carrier oil like olive oil or

melted coconut oil and apply it directly to your scalp.  Leave it in for about 10

minutes before washing it out and shampoo as you normally would and you

can do this several times per week.

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth

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Peppermint Oil:

When you apply peppermint oil directly to your skin and it suddenly feels a bit

cool in tingly the area that the Peppermint oil has just touched suddenly

the circulation has just increased there and that's what causes the cool tingly

feeling and now peppermint oil can help to promote hair growth in the anagen or

growing phase this study found that peppermint oil when used on mice

increase the number of follicles, follicle depth and overall hair growth

peppermint essential oil for hair growth

If hair loss is something that's happening in your life right now

then it believe me I know how that feels.


Five years ago I set up It Really Works Vitamins asked forward to now we've been

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Rosemary Essential Oil

I love rosemary!

I just I love it I love the smell I love it! If you want to improve hair thickness

and hair growth, then Rosemary Oil is a really good option to go for it's a

great choice because it helps to improve cellular generation.

According to this study Rosemary Oil performed just as well as

Minoxidil but with less scalp itching as a side effect, so just mix several drops

of Rosemary Oil with Coconut Oil.

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

Apply it down for at least 10 minutes before washing it out with shampoo,

And you do this twice per week for the best results.

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Ok back to the list,

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedar wood is thought to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp. 

It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which can help to treat different

conditions that may contribute to dandruff or hair loss including a

mixture with Lavender and Rosemary.

Cedar Wood extract was able to reduce hair loss in this study in people with

Alopecia Areata.

cedar wood oil for hair growth

So you just mix a few drops of cedar wood oil with a carrier oil for example coconut oil or olive oil massage it into your scalp and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash

out as normal with a paraben free and sulfate free shampoo.

Cedar wood oil is actually very easy to find in normal supermarkets but you can find it in smaller health care shops

Next up is Tea Tree Oil.

tea tree oil for hair growth


So this 2013 study found that a mixture containing tree tea tree oil and minoxidil was more effective than just the Minoxidil on its own in improving hair growth

More studies are needed on using Tea Tree Oil. 

Ylang Ylang essential Oil

If you've got oily skin or oily scalp it's not a good idea to use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.  This is because it's really for dry scalps because it can stimulate sebum production.

A lack of enough oil and enough sebum on your scalp can cause hair to become brittle and dry and the ends can snap off. So your Ylang Ylang Essential oil helps to improve the texture and moisturize your hair follicles.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Mix five drops of essential Ylang Ylang  Oil with two tablespoons of warm oil.

Massage it onto your scalp and wrap your head with a warm towel.

Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it out.

Thyme essential oil

Thyme can help to promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp and actively preventing hair loss.  Like Cedar Wood Oil, Thyme Oil has been found effective in helping to regrow hair in people who are suffering with Alopecia Areata and thyme is also a very strong oil so you'll only need around a couple of drops in your carrier oil 

You leave it on for about ten minutes and then wash it out.

I do want to mention that some of these essential oils can cause allergic

reactions and you're more likely to have an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin and you have allergies to lots of other things already.

So please do be aware of it please to make sure that if some of the essential oils that I've mentioned are quite powerful then make sure you're mixing them with a carrier oil for example coconut oil or olive oil.

Thyme Essential Oil for Hair Growth 

Symptoms of a skin irritation include:

Contact Dermatitis

A Redness in the Affected Area 

or a burning discomfort or 

Painful tingling 

if you apply the topical essential oil directly to your scalp

So the best thing to do is to dip a cotton bud into the essential oil and just

place it in somewhere inconspicuous, maybe on your wrist or behind your ear

and leave it for about 24 hours or 48 hours to be on the safe side.

If you don't see any irritation and it doesn't feel different in any way then you

should be good to go.

Thyme Essential Oil for Hair Growth

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