The 10 Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

The 10 Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

When you start to notice a slowdown in your hair growth, it’s natural to feel a little concerned. Hair which stops growing is something that we want to solve as soon as we can, naturally. However, one problem with solving a slowdown in hair growth is that we need to first find out the cause. 

At It Really Works Vitamins, we look to make sure that you are as empowered as is possible about quality vitamin intake. To help you work out what you need to be taking for better quality living. 

Here are some of the ten vitamins that you should be taking to help encourage positive hair growth.

Each of these vitamins are easy to add into your lifestyle, not least through kick starting your hair growth journey with the It Really Works Vitamins 90 Day Challenge.

Studies show that each of these vitamins and trace elements play a positive role in encouraging healthy, optimal hair growth. 

What are the top ten vitamins for encouraging hair growth?

  • Zinc. The first solution that you need is zinc: a catch-all solution that helps to promote hair growth, combat hair loss and reduces the likelihood of your body stopping natural hair growth.
  • Iodine. Iodine is a very important part of your diet, and will contribute to helping to give your body the proper flow and function needed to encourage natural, lasting growth.
  • Vitamin B. Vitamin B is a very important tool for making sure you can allow your hair to grow, with each one improving hair strength, color and/or growth rates overall. 
  • Vitamin C. Great for repairing the body and allowing your body to recover, Vitamin C encourages long-term renewal of your body: including your hair, creating lasting results.
  • Carotene. If you can get carotene into your system – or encourage carotene growth, via Zinc – you can easily watch your hair grow much quicker than it had previously.
  • Fatty Acids. Particularly Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are very important for making sure you can start seeing improvement, as they provide you with fuller, richer hair in general.
  • Copper. Copper helps to produce a stronger and richer pigment in your hair, but it will also help to encourage natural hair growth whilst reducing the likelihood of hair loss.
  • Selenium. Selenium is very useful for making your hair more elastic in nature, meaning that it will be more resistant and thus less likely to take any damage moving forward.
  • Iron. Getting more iron into your system is essential if you wish to see meaningful improvement in the conditioning of your hair, with it helping to naturally prevent hair thinning out.
  • Silicon. Great for improving hair thickness, you will find that adding some silicon into your vitamin intake will play a major role in improving your day-to-day hair quality. 


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