Don't go to a festival without these 7 FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS!

Don't go to a festival without these 7 FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS!

So you've managed to bag yourself tickets for Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds or one of the many festivals all over sunny Europe!

 The next question is, what are you going to pack?

We at It Really Works Vitamins have compiled a handy tick off list, so you won't be caught short as you party responsibly into the early hours!

Baby wipes: The struggle is real. Always remember.

 Hat: The Sun might have his hat on, but do you? Sunstroke can creep up on you after a boozy few hours in the hot sunshine. As well as keeping sunstroke at bay, it'll also do a great job at covering up your hair, which by now is more than likely to look absolutely dreadful.

Bottled Water: Fun fact - The last symptom of dehydration is thirst! Don't wait until you've got a dry throat, keep yourself topped up with plenty of mineral water and you'll notice the difference in your skin too.

Breakfast cereal bars, bananas and plenty of mineral water: Waking up hungry after a heavy night out can bring about severe dehydration. Make sure you've got plenty of breakfast food and mineral water before that dry throat, turns into a splitting headache, a bad stomach and a total loss of the will to live. 

First Aid Kit: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen constipation and diarrhea medicine, plasters, tweezers. You will need all of these things.

Female Festival Toilet / Sheewee / The Go Bag : Because sometimes there just aren't enough festival toilets or secluded bushes in the world.

It Really Works Vitamins: Partying, lack of sleep and the great outdoors can really affect your skin. Taking your daily dose of It Really Works Vitamins, packed with 22 essential ingredients, including Biotin, Selenium, Zinc and Retinol, will nourish your skin, hair and nails from within!

Have a wonderful time everyone!

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