Possibly the 6 best Father's Day Gifts on earth

Possibly the 6 best Father's Day Gifts on earth


Does your Dad need a Self-flying quadcopter 14 megapixel Camera with Full HD 1080p drone? YES. YES OF COURSE HE DOES. 

Next question.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger: 

Picture this. Dad is out and about doing Dad things. He's at B&Q checking out tiles, or flooring or maybe even the last four-speed drill. Maybe he's on the ninth hole at the golf course. BAM! His phone battery is dead. DISASTER! How is he going to call Mum to ask where he left something only Mum will know (Because Mum's know where literally everything in the world is) Well fear no more when he has a SOLAR MOBILE PHONE CHARGER! Is there literally anything easier than finding a patch of sunshine in the UK to charge your iPhone up to five percent so he can check the footy results on BBC Sports. Congratulations. You are his favourite child.

 Solar Fountain: 

Dad literally has the best garden on the street and yet again you have won at life.

 Classic Toy Cars:

All jokes aside, miniature classic cars are both beautiful and can be a stunning investment. You can also get some great bargains on auction websites such as Ebay and Amazon.com.

 Dad Mug: 

There's still a few days to go until Father's Day so why not order something as tasteful as a personalised photo mug, perhaps with an extra-enlarged, moon-face type photo because that won't be funny at all.

 It Really Works Hair Vitamins

It Really Works Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins Boost the health of Dad's hair, skin and nails with It Really Works Vitamins! Packed with 22 essential minerals and vitamins for hair growth, vitamins for hair thickening and minerals that boost healthy skin including Biotin for hair growth, Copper which “helps to develop collagen and elastin, which maintain the strength of the skin, and promote the production of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid”.

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