Top 3 Men's Hairstyles for Autumn/Winter 2015

Top 3 Men's Hairstyles for Autumn/Winter 2015

In today's blog post we take a look at this season's hair trends. So sit back, get the kettle on and check out what you'll be doing with your barnet this autumn/winter!



Slicked back 



Start with damp hair.  Comb it straight back or style with a deep side parting. Slick back with a strong hold gel such as Wella Stronghold or Brylcream.


If you prefer a softer look, try a matte product such as Tigi Bedhead Matte Separation.  For a slightly messy look, tousle your hair a little

The Relaxed Quiff
This wouldn't be a Men's Hairstyles list if we didn't include David Beckham. The Relaxed Quiff is good for thick wavy/curly hair.
Get the look:

Apply a good quality leave-in conditioner to damp hair. This will reduce frizz, tone down the volume whilst effortlessly defining your hair’s natural wave. Simply smooth your hands through or sculpt your hair into place, no need to to be to careful with this style: effortless is the keyword here.


Textured / Ruffled look

This style is best for thick, wavy hair with good length

Hair has been left long and loose at the front and a little shorter at the back and sides. If you're struggling to find products to tame this look, try using a sea salt spray and blow drying through. This will give you slight movement, and will soften and add shine to the hair as it dries.

Will you be trying this looks this season?

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