Five easy ways to burn belly fat

Five easy ways to burn belly fat

The pace of life has never been so tough! Long hours and late night takeaways mean we can often end up piling on the pounds.  In this instalment of Tips for Life we show you how getting rid of your spare tyre really is easier than you think!

Lift weights three times per week

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered that lifting weights for only 10 minutes per day three times each week, will lower your waist size more than any other exercise. Time to dig out those dumbells.

After you lift, eat your biggest meal of the day 

Funnily enough, digesting food actually burns lots of calories. Boffins at the University of Nevada report that it takes 73% more calories to process food after a weight-training session than if you hadn't worked out at all. Win win!

Stop skipping breakfast

Not eating for long periods of time snaps your body into a catabolic state: it literally thinks there's a famine on and stores fat reserves.  If you can't grab a decent meal, reach for healthy snacks such as almonds, seeds and hazelnuts.

Cut the chips, rice and potatoes 

If like millions of us you're trying to lose weight 'round your middle, then carbs really are the devil.  In fact, the US Journal of Nutrition found that men who reduced their carb intake to 8% of their daily calories lost seven pounds of fat and gained two pounds of muscle in six weeks.

Eat more protein

Dietitians estimate that as little as 6-8% of calories in carbohydrates are actually burnt off in digestion compared with 25%-30% of the calories in each gram of protein. Upshot: Load up on protein and avoid potatoes, rice, chips and crisps.

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