5 Affordable Hair Transplant Alternatives for Dealing with Hair Loss

5 Affordable Hair Transplant Alternatives for Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair transplants can be really expensive and are not a suitable solution for most people. Some people even feel that they still have enough hair and do not even need to consider a hair transplant procedure. It, therefore, becomes important to look for alternative hair loss treatments. Discussed below are some 5 simple and affordable hair transplant alternatives you should consider.


Hair fibers or concealers are an easy way of making your hair look thicker without requiring any medication or intrusive treatment. The fibers are bonded to the existing hair, and this keeps them firmly in place as well as offers a much more natural look. This is a temporary hair loss cure that must be applied every day, so it can get a bit cumbersome over time.

Injectable hair treatments

An injectable hair fall treatment can also be a good alternative to prevent further loss and also thicken your hair. In this treatment, pharmaceuticals and vitamins are directly injected into the targeted area to improve the appearance. There are some side effects with this method, and it may not work for all people.

Hair systems

Even though hair pieces normally get a very bad reputation, for some people they are the best way of getting your confidence back and restoring your full head of hair. Provided it is professionally applied, a hair piece can help address hair loss and allow you to have natural looking hair within a short time.


Tattooing is definitely not a solution for everyone, but it is an effective hair loss cure for people with severe balding. Basically, you get your whole head covered in small tattoos so as to give the impression of having real hair. Even though it may not be very convincing when seen close up, this hair fall treatment can give you the additional confidence boost.

Hair growth vitamins

The best alternative treatment for hair loss is through using hair growth vitamins. In this treatment, the vitamins offer the essential nutrients that the body needs for healthy, faster-growing scalp and facial hair growth. At the end of the treatment, you will be left with a healthier looking hair that is thicker and well distributed across the targeted area.

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