7 Ways to Lose Weight in a Week without Exercise-It Really Works Vitamins

7 Ways to Lose Weight in a Week without Exercise

If like many of us, you're struggling to lose weight through exercise, try these seven handy tips that'll help you slim down, without having to hit the gym!

Chew slowly and thoroughly: Thorough chewing of food decreases your intake and enhances your fullness. This is because our brain takes around thirty minutes to send signals to the stomach that we are full. According to the latest studies, fast eaters are more likely to gain weight than the people who eat slowly.

Choose a smaller plate: Top Tip! Smaller plates make a small portion of food appear larger.  Bigger plates can do the opposite and prompt you to add more portions of food. Perhaps try choosing smaller plate to trick your mind into thinking that you’re eating more.

Choose Protein: Protein has the ability to satisfy our tummy and prevent bingeing.  In one study, an increased protein intake of about 15-30 percent can lower the calorie intake by as much as 441 calories.

Choose Foods that are Rich in Fiber: Fiber-rich foods can make us feel satiated faster which is key to effective, faster weight loss.  They contain a compound called viscous fiber which creates a gel upon contact with water which expands.  It has the ability to decrease the speed of emptying our stomach.
Drink Lots of Water: Drinking water is one of the quickest way to lose weight especially if you have a large glass before every meal.  Water reduces your hunger and allow you to consume fewer calories.

Focus on Your Eating: When you’re eating, try to stay away from any distractions such as electronic gadgets.  It can make you lose track of exactly how much you’re eating.  People who are distracted whilst eating can eat as much as 25% more on their meals compared to those who concentrate on their food whilst eating.

Sleep Well: Poor sleep can affect the release of the Ghrelin and Leptin which regulates our appetite, drawing us to fatty or sugary foods to satisfy our hunger and as a quickly release energy

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