Avoid these hair oiling mistakes!

Avoid these hair oiling mistakes!

Application of excess hair oil – If you apply a lot of hair oil on your hair strands, you will need to use more shampoo to remove this oil from the hair strands.  The use of excess shampoo can result in making your hair lose its natural luster and moisture. 

You will also acquire a greasy and unfashionable look due to your over oily hair that cannot be easily cleaned even by shampooing. Moreover, too much hair oil can leave ugly stains on your clothes, as greasy marks are not easily removable. 
Combing the hair after oiling – Your hair becomes very sensitive and fragile after treating it with hair oil. So you should not comb your hair immediately after massaging oil on hair follicles, as that practice will lead to the breaking of hair strands and rapid hair loss. 

You should wait for some time after oiling the hair before combing it to free all knots on hair strands. 
Don’t apply pressure on your hair and comb gently comb from the tip to the root of hair strands.
Leaving the oil on hair for too long – this goes particularly for Coconut Oil 

Washing hair immediately after oil massage – You need to wait for at least half an hour after you apply hair oil on your hair, to allow the hair follicles receive the nourishment, all the nutrients and fatty acids from the oil. If you rinse the hair with shampoo and water immediately after the oil massage on your hair, your hair will not be able to obtain the desired benefits from the hair oil. 

Sleeping after applying hair oil – Remember - if you’re going to sleep with oiled hair, make sure, you use an old pillowcase that you don't mind getting covered in oil. Or use a towel on the pillowcase - it’s going to be a nightmare washing grease out of pillow cases.
Tying up hair tightly after oiling – Since hair becomes quite fragile after massaging the hair strands with oil, it is unwise to tie up your hair in a tight bun. The pressure applied for tying the hair can result in tearing off the cuticle of your hair strands. So it may cause split ends and too much hair loss if you not careful enough while tying up your oily hair. It is best to leave the hair undisturbed for some time after applying hair oil on it before proceeding with hairstyling procedures.

Drying hair with a rough towel – You should not wipe your hair forcefully with a towel, which can be harmful to your hair. Moreover, oily hair becomes too breakable and easily uprooted due to the friction with the rough towel surface. Broken and oily hair can create stains on your clothes. Thus, you need to wipe your hair dry with a soft cloth instead of a towel, to avoid hair loss. You may also use a hairdryer to dry your hair, without using the traditional process of drying hair. 

Using chemical hair care products – Chemical hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and other cosmetic products used for hair care can actually cause more damage to your hair strands. Thus, you need to choose only natural or herbal products that can keep your hair healthy and glowing. You should not experiment by mixing your regular hair oil with new products, which can harm your hair. Some hair oils claim to contain various minerals, for making your hair healthier. On the contrary, some mineral oils can lead to hair fall, dandruff, and other hair-related problems.

Too much massaging hair with oil – Normally, people massage hair follicles with hair oil, to make hair healthier. But a long hair massage session may also damage your hair, by causing split ends, broken hair, and hair fall. Thus, it is best to massage your hair for a maximum of half an hour. You should not massage your hair strands and scalp for hours with the hair oil, which may even lead to a severe loss of hair and untimely balding.
Use of hair oil without warming – According to dermatologists and beauticians, hair oil can penetrate faster into the hair roots when it is in warm condition. So you need to lightly warm your hair oil before applying it to your hair. Large-sized oil molecules break up into smaller units when warmed, which can easily penetrate through your scalp and provide nourishment to your hair. 

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