Breezula  - Clascoterone - Is It Better Than Minoxidil?

Breezula - Clascoterone - Is It Better Than Minoxidil?

 Breezula  - Clascoterone - Is It Better Than Minoxidil?

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Breezula  - Clascoterone - Is It Better Than Minoxidil?

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First up! What is Breezula  - Clascoterone?

Breezula is a brand name for the drug clascoterone

The drug is a topical solution that’s applied to the scalp in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. 

Breezula is said to inhibit Dyhdrotestoerone which can cause hair loss. This stops hair miniaturization, or thinning and loss - and as a result stops male / female pattern baldness

The thing that makes Breezula so special is that it will be the very first topical anti-androgen for hair loss in both men and women.  It works similarly to finasteride - which is FDA Approved

As breezula is still going through clinical trials - it’s not yet approved.

So let’s quickly share the Clinical Trials! Why is Breezula so special?

The drug is now in Phase II clinical trials, 400 participants were involved in a trial that lasted 12 months. 

The phase II trial participants, each with mild to moderate androgenetic alopecia, used four different dosages of Breezula

All groups saw an increase in target hair counts and hair widths during the study period, and positive changes in their hair growth assessment 

The placebo group, on the other hand, saw worsening of their hair loss when left untreated. 

And so the researchers point out that: “these data confirm that Clascoterone stops the loss of hair and grows new hair.” 

Let’s discuss side effects!

The manufacturer state that there have been no “treatment-related serious adverse events” among patients in the clinical trials, declaring their drug as safe and free of side effects.

When is Breezula coming to market?

The drug is not currently available for use in the U.S., as it’s still undergoing clinical trials. 

According to the manufacturer, phase III trials are up next in men. If and when this stage is completed, the drug can move on to the FDA approval stage.

As of September, 2020, Cassiopea anticipates beginning phase III trials in the first half of 2021, but they have been previously delayed by factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and could be delayed again.

The drug maker expects beginning sales of the drug in 2024, though it isn’t clear if they’ll release it in European markets first, or globally (including the United States) all at once.

In the company’s annual report, they claim the hope is Breezula will be “at least as effective as Propecia,” a drug currently available and proven effective in treating male pattern hair loss.

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