Can Bananas really block DHT? [The Truth]

Can Bananas really block DHT? [The Truth]

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I hope you're all doing really really well the UK is now in lockdown again which is kind of unsurprising but anyway that's not why I'm here to talk about.
In today's video let's talk about how bananas can block dht I got a really interesting question about it on Instagram just today from one of our followers we area  it's really works vitamins on Instagram just asking is it true?

 Can bananas block dht? 

Yes bananas are packed with numerous vitamins minerals lycopene and some researchers feel that they they can block dht. 
So without further ado let's get straight into it my name is Fortuna and I'm the founder of It Really Works Vitamins we're a haircare supplement brand from here in the UK and we've been featured in Forbes as the best nutrition innovation 2019 and 2018.

We've also been in Shortlist magazine as the best hair regrowth product for men but i have to say this in every single video that we are not just for men we're also suitable for women as long as you're not pregnant or breastfeeding 
Let's talk about bananas roll the intro and before I forget to mention we currently have a giveaway on if you'd like to win your very own 28-day supply of it really works vitamins all you've got to do is subscribe to this channel and hit the bell and comment below this video or any other video and just let me know why you'd like to win it really is as simple as that I'm going to be announcing the winners at the beginning of next month the deadline's the first of December I'm trying to remember the day or is it January don't worry I'm recording this a little bit in advance so the deadline is the first of next month.

Basically bananas are fantastic for overall health and well-being and they're rich in vitamins b6 and b12 as well as magnesium and potassium they also contain protein and fiber bananas are also rich in a plant nutrient that has lots of antioxidant properties and I've mentioned this nutrient before it's called lycopene now lycopene helps to block dht and it helps to inhibit hair follicle and skin sensitivity to dht.
So let's talk about what dht actually is dihydrotestosterone is the male androgen hormone which is responsible for lots of the heavy lifting of male puberty so for example it's responsible for maturation of the penis and a deeper voice and body hair two-thirds of all men worldwide have a hair follicle sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone so in certain places on their scalp their hair follicles are more sensitive to the effects of dihydrotestosterone dht attaches itself to hair follicles and shrinks them in a process called

Miniaturization and this is what leads to male pattern baldness and so eating certain foods and having certain drinks and snacks can really reduce dht hair follicle sensitivity because less dht is floating around your system because these foods and drinks and snacks are soaking them all up and inhibiting dht. 
 I'm gonna put a link  in here to a previous video because if you're interested in this topic I’ve done an entire playlist all about the best foods drinks and snacks to block dht hair follicle scrubs that you can do exfoliant scrubs and things you can eat and drink everything really hair oils that you you can use to block dht and they're all homemade and natural.
So just check out the link here to see my DHT blocking playlist which I poured my heart and soul into bananas are also rich in magnesium and magnesium is really useful for healthy hair growth in a number of ways magnesium helps to prevent calcium buildup on the scalp when calcium clogs up your hair follicles it can make your scalp dry and flaky and can make your hair brittle and dry and fall out and so by preventing magnesium buildup it's fantastic for healthy hair growth and so preventing calcium buildup it's fantastic for healthy hair growth magnesium also helps in building protein and so you might already know that hair is made up of a rough protein called keratin and so magnesium really helps protein to synthesize and to keep your hair healthy and strong bananas are also a great source of Biotin
Biotin is a B vitamin that some studies have found helps in encouraging normal healthy hair growth and certain studies have also found that biotin can help speed up hair growth bananas are also incredibly rich in potassium and this nutrient helps to encourage a normal healthy circulation.
When your circulation is healthy it means all the vitamins and minerals from the foods that you're eating and the drinks that you're having make it are making their way towards your scalp and nourishing your scalp and encouraging normal healthy hair growth which is what we want they also contain Fructooligosaccharides  that help to reduce dht overproduction.
Bananas can also be applied topically to your scalp as a fantastic hair mask and hair growth treatment so I'm gonna put the card in I never know which size to put the cart like to point to but here I have talked about how to make your very own banana hair masks where I combine bananas with coconut oil olive oil you can combine them with eggs it's just I talk about loads of different things in that video so I'm going to put the card in here for you to check it out yay
Bananas can also help to support a healthy gut bananas are a low fructose fruit that are fiber rich and contain something called inulin which is a substance that stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut and a healthy gut environment and lower levels of unhealthy bacteria in the gut have been shown to help maintain normal levels of dht so there you have it who knew that bananas were so fantastic in helping to block dht.
 I also wanted to mention a few other handy foods that can help to block dht so let's do a shopping list that you can take with you when you're out shopping and you can fill your shopping basket with foods that are really handy in blocking dht and can I just say don't forget to download our fantastic ebook  which gives you everything you need to know about blocking dht the link is in the description other foods that are fantastic in helping to block dht include eggs eggs are rich in biotin they help to encourage normal healthy hair growth and healthy circulation they're also packed with numerous vitamins and minerals.
That encourage a normal healthy scalp tomatoes I've already mentioned lycopene tomatoes are extremely rich in the nutrient lycopene which helps to block dht and the best source of lycopene is actually processed tomatoes for example processed pasta sauces that you get in jars at the shop or processed tin plum tomatoes these are great sources of lycopene next are 
Avocados, they're high in proteins amino acids folic acids magnesium copper and iron avocados help to block  dht and encourage normal healthy hair growth walnuts walnuts contain l-lysine which is a natural dht blocker they're also extremely high in protein and vitamin e

Kale is a nutrient-rich superfood kale is rich in zinc which contains phytosterol which is a well-known dht blocker and white mushrooms white mushrooms are also extremely high in zinc and help to block dht I've got an entire video all about the best foods that help to block dht because they're so high in zinc so I'm going to put the card in here zinc helps to boost testosterone whilst helping to block dht so it's a fantastic nutrient to add to your arsenal of fantastic nutrients that help to block dht I'm so enthusiastic about blocking dht it's unbelievable.
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So my guys I really hope you have enjoyed this video I've really enjoyed putting this together foods that block dht are something that come questions is a question that comes up all the time on our Instagram if you'd like to ask us any questions related to hair loss or hair growth or you want to send pictures of your scalp we've seen it's all on Instagram so just hit us up we are at it really works vitamins on Instagram and I'm gonna love you and leave you guys.
 Right now I'm just recording this on the 5th of November it's we're just we're kind of waiting to hear from news from the us who's going to win I'm interested I hope whoever you voted for whoever you'd like to win.
I hope you get to your heart's desire it's fireworks night no one can meet up no one can go out because it's the first day of lockdown here in the UK so I'm interested to see what will happen in the US
I hope you get everything you ask for in life with the election and with your hair guys love you and leave you have a wonderful evening afternoon morning wherever you are and I'll see you very soon on the It really works vitamins extravaganza bye for now guys.
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