Can Jojoba Oil Speed Up Hair Growth?

Can Jojoba Oil Speed Up Hair Growth?

Jojoba oil is an oil-like wax extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. 
Jojoba Oil is jam-packed with minerals and vitamins that feed the hair, including:
vitamin C, 
B vitamins, 
vitamin E, 
copper, and 
Because it can strengthen hair, 
It could potentially be said that Jojoba oil could prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness. 
It could be that oil moisturizes hair follicles, which prevents dryness that leads to hair loss.

This Dermatological Review Confirms that one of the main benefits of Jojoba’s is as a moisturizer for skin and hair. For this reason, jojoba oil may indeed prevent hair breakage and strengthen your locks. It could also be helpful in treating dandruff, dry scalp, and itchy scalp, and be used as an anti-inflammatory and skin moisturizer as well.

But Jojoba Oil any good as a hair growth oil?

This 2014 study tested jojoba oil for hair growth and found it was less effective than minoxidil or (Rogaine) and peppermint essential oil.

So in this way, the oil’s reputation as a direct hair growth stimulant, is not backed up by research!
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