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Can You Really Fight the Fat Gene? Yes: 3 Ways to Lose Weight Effectively

According to research, a genetic variant can make people put on weight easily compared to people who don’t have it. The FTO or Fat Gene shows a strong connection with obesity, and people with two copies of the gene are more likely to be obese. But the so-called ‘Fat Gene’ doesn’t necessarily need to dictate weight! If you think you may be genetically pre-disposed to weight gain, you can fight it with these three ways to lose weight effectively.

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea helps to increase the body’s metabolic rate (Janssens et al) and directly inhibits the secretion of the hunger hormone Ghrelin
(Chen et al., 2015).

Studies have shown that green tea can also aids in weight management by helping to
maintain an energy-restricting diet (Janssens et al., 2016).  Overall Green Tea is a great source of antioxidants so why not try replacing the afternoon coffee, with a healthy dose of Green Tea.

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A consistent workout routine is one of the quickest way to lose weight. Incorporate a workout routine that’s a combination of cardio and strength exercises.  Why not our 30 Day Diet and Work Out Plan that comes FREE with each purchase of Top Form.

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Burning excess weight off means arming your body with all the nutrients and solutions that it needs to make this possible.  Herbal supplements can be a great way of helping your body to speed up weight loss.

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