An over the counter medicine that's an Antihistamine - fights hay fever - and it’s called Cetirizine  - new evidence shows that it could work wonders for hair loss.

Let’s delve in!

Cetirizine helps to relieve mild to moderate allergy symptoms, such as: sneezing. runny nose.

Just to highlight - this video is not going to be discussing Cetirizine in tablet form but in topical form.

Over on a well know hair loss forum all about Cetirizine one person said:


Topical Cetirizine in distilled water works to stop itching and shedding. I noticed within a day of putting it on that the hair in the shower, went to almost 0. 

Let’s look at the studies - in a 2017 study - 85 85 men, aged 20 to 65, were split into two groups - the Cetirizine Group and the Placebo group.

They used cetirizine or the placebo once per day for 6 months.

The cetirizine group had an increase of around 30 hairs, compared to 2.5 for the placebo group. 

In another study comparing Cetirizine to Minxodil  it was found that : the efficacy and safety of twice daily application of topical cetirizine 1% versus minoxidil 5% solutions for 16 weeks were compared in male androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Methods: Forty men, aged 18 to 49 years, ‎were randomly divided into two equal groups to apply either cetirizine 1% or minoxidil 5% solutions. 

Results: After 16 weeks, we observed a significant increase in total and vellus hair density in both minoxidil and cetirizine groups, but the improvement was much higher in the minoxidil group. The percentage of hair in the anagen phase also increased in both groups after 16 weeks of treatment, but then diminished after 8 weeks of placebo consumption. 

No significant adverse reactions associated with the administration of cetirizine solution were reported. Conclusion: Cetirizine 1% solution was effective in hair growth without any complications for treatment of male AGA.


Topical cetirizine isn't available for purchase widely

I thought this was a fascinating start - 

I would be very interested in hearing from pharmacists who can give us a little more of a background - can people experiencing pattern baldness apply anti-histamine cream to their scalps - if it has less side effects that antihistamine tablets!

I am very interested if this is a break though!

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