Can I use a derma roller after my hair transplant?

Can I use a dermaroller/ microneedle after Hair Transplant Surgery? Do's and Don'ts After Your Hair Transplant


In this blog we'll explore several topics staring with what are some do's and don'ts after having a hair transplant?  Can you use a derma roller?

Primarily what is a derma roller? 

A derma roller is a small roller that almost looks like a lint roller and it's covered in needles.

Can I use a derma roller after my hair transplant?

It's primarily aimed at women but men have actually found it useful in helping to regrow hair so this roller can be used all over the scalp as the skin heals the claim is that this stimulates the production of new collagen which produces an anti-aging effect and this forces the skin to repair itself this might be useful for repairing hair transplant scars.

In answer to your question it's best to contact your specific hair transplant surgeon every clinic has slightly different advice on post care routine that you should be following so it's best to follow up with your surgeon.

But, it seems as if from what a lot of people are saying you can actually use a derma roller on the areas that haven't been grafted and that might be the most important thing but it's important to speak to your specific hair transplant surgeon you may also need to wait for at least two to three months after the hair transplant to start using the derma roller in areas that were non-recipient areas of the hair transplant thank you so much to our brand-new subscribers it really here's my microphone on view I’ve been talking for like 10 minutes and the…


There are also some other important do’s and don'ts to remember after your hair transplant surgery.

Primarily don't drive yourself home straight after the surgery the sedative which is on your scalp is still going to be there so it’s extremely dangerous to drive yourself home.

Dont drive after hair transplant surgery


Read and reread all of the aftercare information that your surgeon gives you it's going to be a lot of information and it's important to take this into account.

Do keep your scalp dry, especially on the first day after your surgery to ensure that your scalp is able to heal ensure to keep applying the antibiotic topical cream to the scar because it might become itchy and there is a danger that it could become infected.

Sleep in a semi upright position and remember to keep yourself propped up on the first night after your surgery.

Lack of sleep and hair loss

Keep the clinic's number stuck to the fridge or anywhere that your family knows where it is just in case that there is an emergency and you can call the clinic.

It’s also really important to take time off to rest and relax and this as this aids your recovery.

 Stress and hair loss


Do you remember to ask your surgeon which shampoo you can use and you can start shampooing your hair from the following day after the surgery.

 shampoo for hair loss

Wash your hair for the first couple of days after the surgery rather than putting your head directly under the shower.

This helps the scabs to peel off and accelerates healing do use an ice pack during the first week as this helps to slow down any bleeding or swelling however don't put the ice pack directly on the grafted area place it only on your forehead or on the back part of your head do remember to get the best nutrition after your hair transplant. 

Don't smoke for the first month after your hair transplant you might have seen our video from Wednesday which was all about smoking and hair loss -  remember that smoking interferes with the circulation and it's inhibiting the nutrients from getting to your scalp so it's important to not smoke at least for the first month and, if you can it's always a good idea to quit smoking.

 smoking and hair loss

Also don't drink alcohol at least for the first five days, after your procedure alcohol like smoking interferes with your circulation and interferes with the nutrients getting to your scalp so it's a good idea to go a little bit teetotal for as long as you can.

Don't expose yourself to direct sunlight for at least the first few days of the hair transplant and if you do have to go out do remember to wear a hat.

Don't play sports or do any exercise for at least a week after your surgery exercise that's not too strenuous can be done around ten days

After the procedure any kind of sports with body contact is prohibited for the first month at least do your best to avoid excessive sweating perspiration increases the risks of getting an infection. 

 exercise after hair transplant

Doing anything for example going for a jog or anything strenuous

that could mean that you break out into a sweat is a no-no so in the first week don't regularly bend over, lean forward or violently blow your nose.


So what, foods should you eat after your hair transplant surgery some of the foods that are great for hair growth include chicken, avocados red, meat, brown rice, nuts and eggs as these are all rich b-complex vitamins as are It Really Works Vitamins So do check us out our vitamins. They're supercharged and they’re extra strength to give you everything you need for healthy strong hair growth.

Pack your diet with protein including chicken, fish, milk, cheese, beans and nuts the hair is actually made up of a rough protein called keratin and when you're eating protein, it helps to enhance and strengthen the protein that's already in your hair follicles so that's a top tip!

As well also it's important to get omega-3 fatty acids into your diets so these are oily fish including salmon, mackerel and tuna .

 fish for hair growthsalmon for hair growth


Next avoid junk food so  you want to avoid eating greasy foods foods that are high in processed starches, sugar sweeteners like aspartame.

 junk food after hair transplant

They're actually increasing the sebaceous levels of DHT on your scalp and helping to speed up hair loss so that's why it's important to maintain a healthy balanced diet and avoid junk food and greasy food also avoid alcohol if you can for as long as possible.

Avoid alcohol for much longer than the first week or 10 days or so you’ll really start to feel the benefits in your hair.

Alcohol interferes with the circulation and we need healthy normal circulation to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients in all of our food is going straight to your hair follicles and helping to keep DHT moving so it doesn't cling to the hair follicles so avoid alcohol, avoid smoking avoid basically party drugs thing that you know is unhealthy.

Also important to remember that after your hair transplant surgery it could take 3-4 or up to 6 months to really start to see the noticeable effects and results of your hair transplant surgery so it's important to be patient so with all of these tips.

I hope you found them really really useful and I hope you you I want to see your results after your hair transplant surgery.



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