How to Get Designer Stubble in 5 Easy Steps-It Really Works Vitamins

How to Get Designer Stubble in 5 Easy Steps

Maintain Stubble Perfectly

Looking handsome is every man's right. Beard plays a vital role. Because of this, it has so many shapes, style, and sizes. It covers almost half of your face. But some of them are not enough lucky. They have some problems in beard.

Patchy? Itchy? Can’t grow stubble on your cheeks? Will stubble fill in? Check out our step by step guide on how to get designer stubble.

Start Exfoliating

I know, That’s for posers right? Never, it’s for men with wonderful stubble. Exfoliation is what our skin needs to look great. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and ensures that your stubble is going to look and feel smoother.

Apply Shaving Gel 

Get a good quality shaving gel, and apply that onto the areas of your beard that you are about to shave or treat. Leave it 30 seconds to 1 minute, allowing it to seep into your beard and ensure that it looks as good as possible.

Start Shaping

It’s time to lay down a few brush strokes and start things off. Start off by shaping the look of your beard, shaving carefully in the direction that your hair grows. Take your time with this part, though: rushing it is going to leave you with a mess. Your plan is to leave as much stubble as you can, taking it slow and doing it piece by piece.

Dealing with Length

Length is best managed by simply using a razor with an adjustable cutting guide. Set it so that you are going to leave enough to have a clear beard without it being fluffy or too thick. For those with faster regrowth, you might need to do this every few days, especially as the grooming helps improve stubble growth.

Tidying Up

With the guard giving it all the one length that looks great, take the guard off and start trimming up the sides of the board and the neck side. Make sure that you are left with a neckline that looks natural. Anything outside of the natural neckline has to go as soon as possible, or you can be left with a terrible looking neckline that ruins the shape of your stubble.

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