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How to identify early stage skin problems: from acne to signs of serious illness

For many people, skin conditions can come and go. From the development and onset of acne and rashes to freckles and pigments, we can find ourselves often confused by how our skin looks. However, some changes should be noted more than others. Sometimes, those newly visible changes could be the precursors to something a little more serious. 

Here are some common problems that you should look out for.

  • Patches of Skin: Sometimes, patches of skin can appear that don’t go away and look heavily damaged. This can be a heavily discolored patch of skin that shows no signs of healing up. If you see this, you should definitely go to a medical professional and have it looked into. If it’s got anything such as an open sore that bleeds and gains crust around the outside, a pink growth with a major indentation or a red, scaly or irritated patch of skin that appears and does not go away, should be investigated as soon as possible. The most common issue to keep an eye out for, then, is always going to be significant or reactive changes in your skin that stick around. If you look at your skin and can see significant changes in anything from color and composition to the way that your skin sits and looks compared to the rest, it’s almost definitely time for you to think about seeing a professional.
  • New Moles: Not always a sign of anything serious, new moles that appear should be watched for changes. It should be as even as possible in skin tone, relatively small and should not change much – or at all – over the years to come. This is what lets you know that this is a normal mole and not something more serious to watch out for. If you notice changes, you would do well to get it checked out.
  • Red, dry skin: A common issue, this usually points to some form of irritation. Could be anything from a build-up of dirt to an allergic reaction to something you have eaten or worn. Not usually a sign of anything too serious, this can help you identify potentially debilitating and aesthetically damaging skin problems before they get any worse. 
  • Staying Changes. Another thing to look out for is small, innocuous changes to your skin that hang around. Our skin is changing and regenerating all the time, so it’s not uncommon that changes can appear. If they stick around, though, you should have it checked out. Permanent changes to the skin can be a sign of something serious, and should be looked into by a physician.
  • Don’t worry – the above symptoms are not always going to be something serious. Many of the melanoma-type symptoms that people suffer from, skin cancers basically, are nothing in the end up. Getting checked out and looked over should never be a task, though; if something appears to be off, get it checked ASAP. 
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