How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks-It Really Works Vitamins

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks

 Do you want to lose weight safely and effectively and as effectively as possible? Dieting alone is not the trick to losing weight successfully but by adding into your diet a supplement that provides critical fat burning, energy, and health enhancing herbs will provide you with what you need to succeed.

Top Form is a powerful supplement that helps to transform your body into a fat burning machine.   

All Natural Ingredients

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent source of anti-oxidants (Behmani and studies by Torres-Fruentes in 2014 prove that this herbal extract has great potential in treating and preventing obesity by causing fast weight loss (Chen Green Tea helps to increase metabolic rate by increasing energy expenditure and is also a powerful weight management tool that helps maintain a restrictive diet (Janssens

Green tea also helps maintain a healthy BMI because it inhibits the hunger hormone ghrelin (Chen It also prevents cholesterol absorption by preventing the accumulation of triglycerides which are the natural fats and oils found in the body and foods we eat and prevents the oxidation of specific organs. The natural ability of Green tea to increase serotonin wards off depression by maintain balance of moods (Torres-Fruentes and increases concentration, learning abilities and provides a sense of well-being.


The combination between caffeine and the catechins found in Green Tea helps in decreasing body weight (Janssens while increasing daily energy expenditures by over 5% and increasing alertness and thermogenesis within the body. Over time caffeine intake has been proven to help maintain weight loss even in post-obese patients, and it is also known that coffee drinkers have a lower BMI than non-coffee consumers (Icken 

Panax Ginseng 

The Ginseng berry extract increases body temperature which promotes reduced consumption of food, enhances energy expenditure, decreases body weight, metabolizes glucose, regulates lipid metabolism and stimulates pancreatic lipase. Pancreatic lipase is an enzyme secreted from the pancreatic endocrine cells to break apart fat molecules through the process of hydrolysis which increases lipid metabolism to decrease lipid absorption, enhance insulin sensitivity and decrease food intake (Yin et. al-2008). Panax Ginseng is also a powerful anti-oxidant, promotes vitality, and helps maintain good cognitive performance. 

Cayenne Pepper

The mixture of Ginseng, Cayenne pepper and Caffeine increases the weight loss benefits of each one and cayenne pepper alone decreases fat cells size and numbers by stimulating fat oxidation. It is a healthy means of helping to reduce weight and provides a great support measure in a weight loss program (Whiting et. al- 2012). Cayenne pepper contains capsaicinoids which have shown evidence of having an effect on lipid oxidation and centrally stored adipose tissue.

Cayenne pepper decreases appetite by increasing gut-derived hormones (Smeets & Westerterp-Plantenga 2009). It also decreases caloric intake, lowers appetite (Clegg et. al-2013) while reducing abdominal fat in obese individuals (Dullo- 2011).

White Kidney Beans

White kidney beans decrease the breakdown of complex carbohydrates and are effective as a starch and carb blocker (Pruess et. al- 2013). Celleno et. al- 2007 performed a randomized study and proved that those eating white kidney bean extract for 30 days significantly reduced body fat and weight over those who took placebo. By converting the hard to break down and fermented starches into short chain fatty acids such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen, provided weight loss, improved blood lipids and gained glycemic control and provided anti-oxidizing power. 


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