How to Wake up Dormant Hair Follices

How to Wake up Dormant Hair Follices

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Starting off my morning with another hair growth smoothie! 

This is oats, I have a video all about how oats are so good for your hair and general wellbeing. Feel free to subscribe if you'd like to check that one out!  


Blue berries - high in 


vitamin A, 

vitamin C, and 

vitamin E.  

Vitamin B complex is particularly good for growing our curls. 

Blueberries enhance hair growth by improving oxygenation and circulation of blood in the body, particularly the scalp.



Yoghurt - lovely dose of calcium.


Spirulina - rich source of magnesium - extremely nutritious!

Kale - reduce your risk of diabetes - 



You know what I'm not going to blend this now - its not very interesting for a live stream! 

Watching the blender whirring away.

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So I wanted to answer questions that you have!

One of our viewers wrote in -

How can I wake up Dormant hair follicles?

There are a number of ways to do this!

Scalp massage is a great one - 

I’ve put a link in the description to a video I’ve done all about scalp massage - number of different ways to do it

Essential Oils

I also believe in using essential oils  - there’s lots of clinical evidence out there that shows that


Peppermint Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Ylang Ylang

Can often be as effective, if not even more effective than Minoxidil!

Please do a patch test, so put a little behind your ear - leave it for 24 to 48 hours and you should be good to go.


Another way to wake up dormant hair follicles is using Minoxidil - 

Its a foam or spray that is a vasodilator - it widens the veins - meaning that all the lovely vitamins and nutrients from your food and your It Really Works vitamins - make their way up to the scalp.

It does have some side effects including redness or soreness on the scalp - so do watch out for this.


There is also Finasteride - a prescription medication -

I'm going to put a link in the description - I’ve done a few videos on Finasteride

Around 5% of men experience sexual side effects -


Loss of interest in sex 

One of the best ways of reducing the likelihood of these side effects are making sure is asking the doctor at the hair clinic for the level of incidents of side effects that his or her patients have - shop around - compare this to other hair transplant surgeons.

Other doctors also recommend having 1mg every other day - rather than 1mg per day.

The other thing to remember about Finasteride is that the horrible side effects can continue once you’ve stopped taking Finasteride - it takes time for the medication to leave your body.

Really do your homework when it comes to Finasteride. 

Hair Transplants

A more drastic option are hair transplants,

The procedure removes hairs from dense areas of the scalp and relocates them to areas where hair has been lost. 

Hair transplants don’t work for everyone! You may need more than one hair transplant.

Do your due diligence on the hair transplant surgeon - as well -

Countries like Turkey offer extremely affordable surgeries - but you've got to ask yourself - what could you be getting into?

Surgical procedures can got wrong at the best of times -  I’ve heard in the news in Turkey - it could be someone who’s completely not qualified - like a taxi driver - operating on you.

Again do your due diligence.

It Really Works Vitamins

Another way to prolong the hair life cycle are using It Really Works Vitamins -

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