Man flu - fact or fiction?!

Man flu - fact or fiction?!

When men fall victim to a nasty bug, they’re often accused of exaggerating their symptoms and making a performance out of their illness. Cries of ‘man flu’ go up from friends and colleagues, and men are not taken very seriously, even when their symptoms are making life a challenge.

However, according to some scientists, man flu may in fact be real. Although many might find it hard to believe, there’s a chance that men really do suffer more from bugs and viruses than women. So is man flu really a thing? We decided to find out.

What is man flu?

Although man flu has broadly the same symptoms as the viruses that affect women, many men believe their coughs, shivers, aches and pains are a lot more severe than those which affect the fairer sex. As a result, those suffering with man flu are often out of action for days, forced to lie on the sofa and watch daytime TV while waiting for their next bowl of healing chicken soup or soothing ice cream.

Fact of fiction

Over the years, a number of studies have been carried out in order to learn whether or not man flu really exists. One of the most recent took place in 2017 when Dr. Kyle Sue, a clinical assistant professor at the University of Newfoundland, set out to review existing studies on the subject.

The findings of his research make fascinating reading for all men currently in bed with the flu. According to the study, man flu isn’t only real, it’s potentially deadly. As @mnt reports “Adult men are not only more likely to be admitted into the hospital with influenza, but the rates of "influenza-associated deaths" are also higher in men compared with same-age women.” In light of this research, it’s possible that men actually need to take their symptoms even more seriously.

How to fight man flu?

If you think you might have come down with man flu, or if you have a brother, son, husband or friend currently suffering from the disease, early intervention is key. Make sure nutrition levels are kept topped up by taking vitamin supplements throughout the illness. It Really Works Vitamins are a great place to start, and on top of fighting the flu, you'll get thicker, healthier hair to boot. Drinking lots of tea will help to keep the patient hydrated and give the body the fluids it needs to flush out the virus for good.

You can also take over-the-counter painkillers to help ease headaches, sore throats and muscle pain and make the condition that little bit easier to cope with. If symptoms persist for more than a few days, or if the patient deteriorates suddenly, it’s always best to call a doctor for expert advice.

Although it may not strictly have been identified by scientists, most men will agree that man flu definitely does exist. Find out more about boosting nutrition and staying healthy by exploring our site today.

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