Beginner’s guide to Keto Diet (and how it might affect hair growth)

Beginner’s guide to Keto Diet (and how it might affect hair growth)

Seen as a good way to cleanse the body and change the way you live, the keto diet has some interesting impacts on your hair. One of the major reasons you might have an issue with hair loss while on the ketogenic diet is down to biotin deficiency.

Studies have shown that a biotin deficiency is likely to be one of the main culprits for your hair loss on a ketogenic diet. Biotin is essential to the way our hair grows, and it’s a very powerful B vitamin; one of the most essential vitamins for natural and strong hair growth. Biotin deficiency can cause many problems to the body, including skin rashes and poor muscle toning alongside hair loss.

Hair loss is a common problem for those on the ketogenic diet. If you are noticing some extensive hair loss, then you should definitely try to up your biotin intake. The keto diet makes it harder for you to get biotin into your system, so it may be worth taking biotin supplements from producers like It Really Works Vitamins.

They provide a wide range of different vitamins, including biotin supplements. With 10% off on your first order using the MENSHEALTH10 code, you can get what you need without breaking the bank.

Why else might a keto diet damage your hair?

Biotin deficiencies aren’t the only reason the ketogenic diet is hard on your hair. As with any diet, it’s a stressful life change that could have an impact on your hair if you let it. Stress is a major cause of hair loss, leading to everything from alopecia areata to telogen effluvium – two conditions that inhibit hair growth.

The calorie deficit that your body is undergoing will play a role, as well. Typically, going on the ketogenic diet will lead to major weight loss, but also a huge caloric deficit. Sadly, your body will need to re-calibrate how it uses the energy you are giving it, and it considers your hair to be ‘non-vital’.

Since most ketogenic dieters don’t replace the calories they miss out on due to going carb-free, you could see your hair begin to thin. It’s easy enough to solve: you just need to adjust your food consumption.

If you are going to give this diet your all, you’ll need to make some important life adjustments to make it work in your favor. As long as you remember to increase your biotin intake and eat well, you can benefit from this diet option while retaining proper hair growth.

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