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Men's Tattoo Trends for 2019 [Updated 2019]

It’s estimated that one in three young adults in the UK has at least one tattoo. Getting a tattoo is a great way to show off your personality. Gone are the days when tattoos were a rare sight, and strictly for the armed forces. Getting inked is more popular now than ever.

Although tattoos continue to grow in popularity, the trends do change over the years. Getting a tattoo is such a personal thing! What’s right for one person really wouldn’t suit the next.

There are so many reasons you might want to get a tattoo. Maybe you’re trying to cover up old acne scars. Maybe you want to remember a significant event in your life. Whatever the reason you’re about to get inked, there’s a tattoo style here that’s perfect for you.

A tattoo should bring out your personality, showing you off in your best light. But you want to be sure your tattoo is on trend too. If you’re planning on getting inked this year, then you need to know what’s hot and what’s not in 2019.

Tribal Tattoos

The tribal tattoo never goes out of style, and it’s set to be one of the most popular tattoos yet again this year. Tribal tattoos are traditionally a sign of strength and courage, so it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice.

Tribal tattoos come in a whole host of sizes and colours, so you can opt for something subtle, or go the whole way and have a tribal sleeve. Tribal tattoos look great on a muscular physique.

Personal/Family Tattoos

When we get inked, there’s often something in particular that triggers the decision. OK, sometimes we just like the inked look. But often, there’s a meaning behind our tattoos.

It might be that you want to show somebody special how much they mean to you, or maybe you want to remember someone you’ve lost. Getting a tattoo of somebody’s name is a popular way to remember them.

Quote Tattoos

We take so much comfort from inspirational quotes and memes these days. Quote tattoos are set to be one of the biggest men’s tattoo trends for 2019.

Roman Numeral Date Tattoos

Roman numeral date tattoos are the perfect way to show you care. They look stylish and they have a special meaning, making them a popular choice. There are so many options for fonts and styles with roman numeral date tattoos that they always look unique. You can choose to have these tattoos somewhere obvious, or hidden somewhere more subtle. Date tattoos also create an air of mystery that many men crave. @MenTattooIdeas say that ‘the less you reveal, the more people wonder’.

Cross Tattoos

A cross can mean many things. The sign of the cross can be a symbol of faith. It can also be a symbol of strength and belief in yourself. There are hundreds of cross styles to choose from, making it a popular men’s tattoo trend for 2019.

Are you planning on some new ink this year? Do you know what style you want already? A tattoo is a great way to shout about who you are!


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