A 60-second guide to growing an awesome moustache

A 60-second guide to growing an awesome moustache

A thick, full moustache can be a great addition to your look. Helping to define your face and give your personal style an instant boost, a good moustache can do wonders for your reflection.

However, growing an enviable moustache is often easier said than done. A lot of men struggle to get their facial hair looking full and many don’t know how to shape or care for their moustache once it’s grown in. Luckily for you, we’re here to help. Take a look at our 60-second guide to growing an awesome moustache to find out more.


In order to grow a good moustache, you need to ensure it’s properly fuelled. Like the rest of your body, your facial hair relies on nutrition in order to grow quickly and keep its strength. If you’re lacking certain vitamins or minerals, you may struggle to create a moustache that’s thick, shiny and strong.

As @AnytimeFitness says, “Hair is primarily made up of protein, so it makes sense that you’d want to take in protein rich foods!” Before you begin growing your moustache, take a few specially designed supplements to boost the condition of your facial hair. As well as helping to enhance your moustache, these vitamins will have the added benefit of improving the quality of your head hair and your nails.

Once you’ve been taking your supplements for a week or two, you’re ready to move on to the next stage of moustache creation.

Let it grow

If your facial hair grows slowly, this stage can be pretty frustrating. However, giving your moustache the time to grow is essential if you’re going to create the look you really want. Although you’ll probably have a 5 o’clock shadow within a few hours of stopping shaving, it can take two to four weeks for your moustache hair to become long enough to trim.


As your moustache begins to fill out, you’ll need to start shaping it. When choosing a style for your new facial feature, think about the shape of your face and what might best compliment your look.

Always comb your moustache before trimming it into shape. As well as helping to keep the feature neat, combing your facial hair before cutting it will help to ensure straight, even lines, and a clean aesthetic.


Once your new moustache has grown in and been styled and trimmed, it should be looking great. Keep the feature at its best by continuing your course of nutritional supplements and by combing, trimming, and caring for your moustache on a regular basis. You can also buy specialist products online that will help to give your moustache a polished look, such as styling gel.

A strong, healthy moustache can completely transform your face and your look. Find out more about the importance of hair nutrition, and how to maintain great-looking facial hair, by taking a look around our site today.

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