3 Natural Ways to Nourish and Repair Dry Hair-It Really Works Vitamins

3 Natural Ways to Nourish and Repair Dry Hair

 There’s never a good day to have a bad hair day and if you’ve got excessively dry, unhealthy hair, we’ve got some quick tips to restore and nourish the health and shine to your barnet!


Eat your way to healthy hair

Dry, unhealthy hair is often a reflection of a poor diet so pack each meal with nutritious superfoods and revitalised your dry, unhealthy hair in a matter of weeks.

Oily fish is brimming over with nutrients clinically proven to improve brain power, as well as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which strengthen the follicles, preventing hair loss and hydrating the scalp.

Lean Chicken is a low fat source of protein – essential for hair and scalp strength health.

Try It Really Works Vitamins for Thick, Strong Hair , as seen in Men's Health Magazine and Men's Fitness Magazine and trusted by thousands of men worldwide. It Really Works Vitamins are packed with 22 essential vitamins and minerals that are clinically proven to provide thick, healthy hair.

Get a trim

Fix, dry, brittle hair with a trip to the barbers. The ends of hair split, break and gradually work their way up the follicle and ruining the condition of your hair, so get to the barbers, even if you’re growing your hair out, as spilt ends always have to be dealt with!


Wash out the chlorine after a swim

Chlorine in swimming pools can make your hair feel dry and brittle so wash the chlorine out straight away and be sure to condition, leaving the conditioner in for around 2-5 minutes before rinsing.


Tаkе Yоur Hair Vitamins

Healthy, shiny hair is a sign of a well-nourished body but it’s not always possible to eat 4 kilos of spinach per day, and that’s where It Really Works Vitamins come in.

Packed with 800% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin H (Biotin) which this U.S. study found promotes hair growth in those suffering from thinning hair and 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of Folic Acid, which is grеаt for ѕtimulаting hаir grоwth

It Really Works Vitamins are also packed with 455% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B1, 320% of Vitamin B12, 357% of your RDA of Vitamin B2 and 250% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B5!


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