Is RU-58841 effective against hair loss?
Why is RU-58841 not approved by the FDA?
How do you use RU-58841?
What are the side effects of RU-58841?

What is RU-58841?

RU-58841, also known as PSK-3841 or HMR-3841, is a nonsteroidal antiandrogen (NSAA). They act by directly blocking the effects of androgens like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In simple terms they are the converse of steroidal antiandrogens (SAAs), which steroids that are structurally related to testosterone. DHT a male hormone that gives men male characteristics For most men worldwide their hair follicles have a sensitivity to DHT.
DHT attaches itself to hair follicles, and shrinks them in a process called miniaturization - hair eventually falls out and the hair follicle dies. Male pattern baldness doesn’t happen because you have an excessive amount of DHT. It happens purely because of a this sensitivity to DHT. And so by reducing this sensitivity, hair loss can be slowed down and even reversed. 

In the 1970s French scientists synthesized this non-steroidal, antiandrogenic compound. It was developed with the intention of being locally applied, in order to avoid systemic side effects. 

Researchers discovered that RU58841 could be useful for the topical treatment of androgen-dependent skin disorders, such as acne and alopecia.
The company developing RU58841 merged with another company and interest in this potential hair loss and skin care treatment waigned.
A few years later, another company called ProStraken acquired the rights to RU58841. Under ProStraken, it was renamed PSK3841.
The company announced plans to run a Phase II trial, with intentions of a full launch in 2010 but for some reason that just didnt happen. Fast-forward to 2021, 
RU58841 can’t be prescribed and sold at any pharmacies. It is not approved by the FDA. it is not officially available for commercial use,  but after a simple search I found it on Amazon, it seems a little iffy - if it’s not meant to be commercially available.


Does RU58841 work?

In a study carried out on monkeys, scientists applied RU58841 to the bald scalps of ten monkeys and 1mg of Finasteride or a placebo was given to the other 10 monkeys.
RU58841 induced the most growth after only two months.
Scientists also investigated the levels of serum testosterone and DHT. 
While the finasteride group showed a decrease in DHT and an increase in testosterone levels, but the groups that were administered with RU58841 had no significant changes in DHT and testosterone levels.

Researchers conclude that 5 percent of topical RU58841 not only induced noticeable effects on hair and follicular regrowth in such a short amount of time but were also able to continue these effects with persistent use.
In another study carried out on mice,scalp grafts from middle-aged, balding men had been grafted onto nude mice. Half of the grafted mice were topically applied with a 1 percent RU58841 solution. 
Whilst the other half received a topical application of ethanol. On the RU-58841 grafts, 29 active follicles appeared in total.  eight of them showed a second growth cycle.
On the control grafts, 28 active follicles appeared in total. Among them, only two follicles (7%) initiated a second hair cycle. 
The researchers concluded that the value of linear hair growth rates was significantly higher in the group treated with RU58841 
and may be useful in the treatment of androgen-dependent alopecia.

What are the side effects of ru58841?

There had been plans for RU58841 to pass into phase two of drug development, - but this just never happened and so there have been literally no studies that have highlighted the side effects of this medication specifically.
This means that if there are any side effects, then they are actually unknown. 
So it depends if you really want to be a guinea pig
It’s also important to note that RU58841 does not only block DHT but all other androgens including testosterone.

Do you know what this means?

In the event that even a drop of this medication lands in your serum, it will interfere with the physiologic activities of all your androgens leading to side effects such as:
  • chest pain
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • decreased libido
  • headache
  • erectile dysfunction
  • mood alteration
  • blurred vision
This is the reason why it is advisable that you use RU58841 with great caution. If possible, consult your doctor or healthcare provider before you use this product or when you notice symptoms after using it.
RU 58841 isn't legally available for commercial use, so please do exercise caution if you’re considering using it.
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