Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

In this blog we explore all of the DHT blocking benefits of saw palmetto and what saw palmetto can actually do for our hair. 

Saw palmetto is an extract from the deep purple berries of the saw palmetto plant. It's been traditionally used by native Americans for thousands of years for urinary infections or reproductive issues. 

This herbal supplement is available over the counter and it is most commonly used for decreasing symptoms of an enlarged prostate called benign prostatic hypertrophy or bph.

Saw Palmetto has also been used to prevent complications from prostate surgery and for treating other prostate conditions saw palmetto has also been touted as a male pattern baldness treatment or an androgenetic alopecia treatment and it's also being used to treat sexual dysfunctions but there is no good scientific evidence to support any of these uses.   

So, does saw palmetto treat hair loss??

Well the jury is actually out on this there seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence and lots of people have had great results in taking saw palmetto on a regular basis to help treat hair loss.In particular men who are experiencing male pattern baldness. 

The clinical evidence shows however that the results of saw palmetto on hair growth are actually quite limited. There isn't actually enough research out there on the saw palmetto extract to prove that it does encourage normal healthy hair growth. However since saw palmetto in many people doesn't seem to cause any side effects, it's something that they would just like to try and see if it works for them or not work for them. Knowing that they are unlikely to experience side effects.

Does saw palmetto block DHT?


DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone and it's a male sexual hormone that's Responsible for developing male characteristics for example maturation of the peni,  a deeper voice growth of facial body and pubic hair and development and maintenance of the prostate glands and seminal vesicles. 

High or excessive levels of DHT are not the cause of male pattern baldness. It's the hair follicles sensitivity to DHT. So in genetically predisposed men in certain areas of their scalp their hair follicles are more sensitive to DHT than in other people. 

In this way miniaturization or hair loss happens when DHT attaches itself to these sensitive hair follicles and it starts to shrink them causing miniaturization which eventually leads to hair loss. 

There have been some notable studies that show that DHTis effective in inhibiting the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.  5 alpha reductase is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone so when five alpha reductase is limited less DHTis converted.

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We have actually had a number of questions about taking certain supplements alongside It Really Works vitamins. There are no contraindications to say that you can't take saw palmetto with our products

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Although saw palmetto is an inhibitor of five alpha reductase it should be noted that in one piece of research it was found that saw palmetto is actually quite a weak inhibitor of five alpha reductase. DR Robert Edwards md also points out that Saw palmetto may also have a role in reducing estrogen and DHT. 

Androgen receptors in vitro studies have shown that saw palmetto inhibits alpha androgenic receptors. These receptors which are often called androgen receptors, allow the body to respond appropriately to hormones. If the receptors are reduced it could be said that there'll be less of a reaction to DHT overall there just aren't enough studies out there proving the efficiency of saw palmetto as a DHT blocker there are also not enough studies to demonstrate that saw palmetto is effective in re-growing hair or has any beneficial effect on bph symptoms or on post void residual bladder volume.

So what are the side effects of saw palmetto?

When taken by mouth it's likely that saw palmetto for most people is safe side effects are usually mild and they include:

  • dizziness
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting constipation a
  • diarrhea 
  • some concern that saw palmetto can cause liver or pancreas problems.

There have been two reports of liver damage in people who took saw palmetto however there's just not enough information to prove that saw palmetto was the actual cause of the liver damage.

It's said that saw palmetto is likely unsafe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding so please do speak to your doctor if you're pregnant or breastfeeding and you're considering taking saw palmetto but in general it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

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