Sex and Hair Health 2021 UPDATE

Sex and Hair Health 2021 UPDATE

 5 Ways Sex is Good for Your Hair

Enhances circulation

Just like  physical exercise, it has the tendency to enhance your blood circulation and ensure that the organs, skin, and hair are properly oxygenated. 

It helps to improve your heart rate helping to guarantee the proper flow of  blood. 

That’s why exercise is so important!

  1. Oxygen and nutrients are needed to keep active hair follicles growing in their Anagen phase. (this is the first of three phases of hair growth)
  2. Oxygen and all the vitamins and minerals from the food you’re eating and your It Really Works Vitamins  are  needed to turn hair follicles in the Telogen or(dormant) phase back into active hair follicles.
  3. When you don’t have enough oxygen means the hair follicles do not start growing again.

“This boost in circulation also brightens the complexion and gives your skin that glow,” says Dr. Joel Schlessinger, M.D.,  “It also increases your heart rate, which gets the blood flowing.”

Reduces Stress

    According to recent studies, it can enhance the production of collagen which is needed to maintain healthy hair and skin.  

    Stress hormones are commonly link to hair thinning problems and regular sex reduces the harmful effects stress can have on your hair.

    I’ve got a video all about stress and hair loss - I’m going to put it in here!

    Stress can push your hair out of the growing phase and into the dormant or shedding phase.

    The good news is that, in general hair loss from stress is not permanent.

    There are lots of ways to reduce and manage your stress levels which in turn help to get your hair loss under control.

    Exercise ensures your body releases all the feel good hormones that lower your reactions to stress - so in general you’ll get stressed out much less.

    I also really believe in diet and nutrition for overall wellness. I’ve got an entire video all about the best foods, drinks and snacks to fight hair loss - and I’m putting it in here.

    Don’t forget It Really Works Vitamins are here for you -

    Right now I'm trying out free global shipping with no minimum spend - we cover all shipping costs.

    And we’re the only brand that will refund you if you don’t love your results!

    Don’t forget to get your free e-book - everything you need to know about blocking DHT!

    Sex Makes Your Hair Stronger!

    Linked into circulation  - According to the research, sex will enable our system to properly distribute the nutrients and allow the different parts of our body to improve the absorption of nutrients.  

    Our body needs various vitamins and minerals to be at its full potential and your follicles are no different.

    Here’s a quick recap on some of the best vitamins for hair growth:

    • Zinc: I’ve got an entire video all about zinc - It could be particularly handy for men who’d like to slow down male pattern baldness as it  helps to boost testosterone whilst blocking DHT - beef oysters and lobster and good sources of zinc.

    • Iron: A symptom of Iron-deficiency is hair loss - so pack your diet with liver, muscles and oysters

    And can I just quickly add that It Really Works Vitamins also include:

    NIACIN - Increases circulation which helps to keep DHT moving - so it doesn't cling to your hair follicles

    COPPER - Studies have found that Copper can help to encourage healthy hair growth


    FOLIC ACID & PABA - Folic acid is an integral part of the nutrients your body needs to make new cells.

    MAGNESIUM - Helps to reduce build ups of calcium and DHT on the scalp

    When your body has healthy circulation - all of these nutrients make their way to your scalp:

    -nourishing it,

    - keeping DHT moving 

    -encouraging normal healthy hair growth

    An immense increase in the absorption of minerals and nutrients can greatly improve our hair strength.

    Sex Helps You To Sleep Better

    Sex results in an increase in oxytocin, otherwise known as ‘feel-good’ hormones.  According to experts the oxytocin level in our body spike when we have sex. This relaxes us and gives us a better sleep.


      Sex Improves the Shine of your Hair

      During a sexual interaction, the body will release an increased amount of estrogen. This hormone nourishes dull hair and helps to reduce hair loss.  The enhancement of the circulation also contributes to the shiny hair and smoother skin.


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