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The 4 Most Effective Herbs for Weight Loss

 If you’re one of the millions of guys worldwide looking for the quickest ways to lose weight, there are many diet supplements that claim to work, however, the most effective, safest and natural weight loss aids contain Ginseng, Green Tea, White Kidney Beans, and Cayenne pepper: these four herbs are clinically proven to speed up weight loss. 

Here's how these herbs can help you lose weight quickly:


1. Ginseng

Ginseng comes from the ginseng berry and has been found to reduce the amount of food that people eat. It also has been found to lower body weight, and help with the both glucose and lipid metabolism. The increased metabolism of both glucose and lipids can also help with weight loss as the body is better able to breakdown food and cells for energy. Ginseng is also a powerful antioxidant that can helps to maintain cognitive performance. 

2. Green Tea

Green Tea is a thermogenic or fat burner and has become popular in the last few years, mainly because it’s not only good for weight loss but also weight management. It blocks the secretion of Ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone. One cup of Green Tea can burn up to 80 calories per day by itself. Green Tea also protects organs from oxidative stress and is high in antioxidants. To top it all,  Green Tea is clinically proven to lower cholesterol absorption!


3. White Kidney Beans 

White Kidney Beans act as an effective carb and starch blocker. They also help with digestion of complex carbohydrates, keeping you feeling fuller longer. White Kidney Beans turn starches into resistant starches. Resistant starches are not easily broken down and have many health benefits. These benefits include better glycemic control, antioxidant protection, and weight loss.


4. Cayenne Pepper

Like green tea, cayenne pepper is a thermogenic. Many natural weight control supplements use cayenne pepper for their weight loss properties. Cayenne pepper is known to lower the total amount of calories eaten per day. It also stimulates fat oxidation, which allows for quicker weight loss.  While other peppers have some of the weight loss properties, the best pepper for weight loss is cayenne pepper. Many people prefer to use supplements containing cayenne pepper in them, as the heat of a real cayenne pepper can be overwhelming for many people. 

Top Form: The Natural Weight Loss Accelerator is packed with White Kidney Beans, Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea, Ginseng and Caffeine, all of which are clinically proven to block starch, prevent cholesterol absorption, maintain a healthy BMI, increase the body’s metabolic rate, promote vitality. 


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