The Surprising Things Women Find Attractive in Men-It Really Works Vitamins

The Surprising Things Women Find Attractive in Men

For many men today, they believe one of two things; that all woman want is a handsome, well-groomed superstar, or they all want a ‘real man’ – as you may imagine, both are wrong.

Trying to pigeonhole the entire female gender into one single binary example is obviously foolhardy, so we went out onto the streets on London to ask what women really find attractive in men! Here are the results!

Veins. Apparently, especially in forearms, three out of 100 women interviewed found this attractive, so if you’ve been fearing veiny arms make you look weak or scrawny, think again.

Strong Eyebrows. 15% of women mentioned strong eyebrows as a good look on men as they help to accentuate their eyes.

Silver Hair. Put down that Just for Men right now! 20% of women interviewed found grey coloured hair attractive, so let the silver fox in you come out to play! For strong, thick healthy hair, try It Really Works Vitamins.

Chest Hair. 18% of women interviewed found men’s chest hair a turn-on!

Beards. A well kept, washed and groomed beard was mentioned by 17% of women surveyed. These ladies mentioned that they love a thick, fuzzy beard. “Certainly helped my beard grow,”

Champion MMA Fighter Alex Reid found that It Really Works Vitamins’ patented formulation of 22 minerals and vitamins to help beards grow faster, really worked. 

Glasses. When you actually get a pair that suit you, glasses make you look more Clark Kent than Bill Gates and 12% of women agree.


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