Bad Shampoo ingredients - Stay Away from These

The Worst Shampoos - Stay Away From These Ingredients

This blog is all about the best paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoos out there.

Parabens, Sulfates, Sulfides -  they can be really really bad for your hair they can make them brittle, dry, your hair will lose its moisture so I just want to talk through which paraben free and sulfate-free shampoos should you be going for.


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Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics they're often used to help prevent harmful bacteria and mould developing on around 85 percent of our cosmetics.

They're used because they're proven to be effective and inexpensive sulfates are also another kind of preservative that are added to our cosmetics they're a type of surfactant which means that when you lather up your hair it actually lathers and foams up.

Why are parabens and sulfates so bad?

Sulfates are really useful in washing your hair and riding it of dirt and buildup on the scalp but what they also do is, because remember they are a detergent they're also stripping your hair of all the natural oils like sebum that moisturize the hair follicle and they moisturize the scalp.

Toxic Chemicals in Shampoo

Sulfates are really interfering with the natural ecosystem of your scalp.

They can leave your hair dry and brittle because they strip away the sebum and so you'll end up using other products for example other hair oils, other conditioners and things like that to keep your hair healthy and soft and shiny when actually you've got your very own conditioner called sebum, living on your scalp that you're getting rid of so that's what we want to avoid through having sulfate and paraben free shampoos

Parabens are considered potential endocrine disruptors and studies have shown that some parabens specifically mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen and they can therefore potentially interfere with estrogen production.

The FDA continues to review published studies on the safety of parabens.

I also wanted to mention that mineral oil can also be really bad for your hair.  

Mineral oil is a distillate of petroleum and too much mineral oil can weigh your hair down and can also cause scalp irritation

When I was in Superdrug I found that all the Paraben and Sulfate-free shampoos always have a label on them that says:

  • no sulfates
  • no parabens
  • no sulfides
  • no ammonia

There are loads and loads of shampoos out there that would say for example coconut and macadamia or hemp or lots of like natural oils inside them but actually even though they do contain the natural oils they still have lots of sulfides and parabens and these are the chemicals that are actually stripping your hair of natural serums they're leaving your hair actually drier and more brittle than before.


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